Intelli-shop, new levels of confusion!

So, I receive this email from Intelli-shop at 7:30 AM (one morning this past week) that requests more information. In part, the email says:
"Please return to the question, "Select all that describe the store interior." Only one option was selected. We need you to select all that apply. This is especially important as no interior photo was provided for the evaluation."

The question actually asks which of the criteria were met. I selected one of the criteria, because, that was all that was met. The shop does NOT ask for an interior photo, and in fact, never mentions one.

The email gives me 24 hours to respond, which is pretty typical for and editor email, right?

A bit frustrated, but no more so that for the usual BS Intelli-shop push-back, I elect to go to this location later that morning. However, at 7:51 AM THAT SAME MORNING, I receive another email from Intelli-shop which 'excludes' the shop, because I did not respond quickly enough.

I guess I have to get out of my slippers and robe more quickly.....

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A thread currently discussing the noticeable changes in the editing team at IntelliShop can be found at the link below. I think they are using Wordsmith Pros in addition to their in-house editing team (please do not take this as fact - I'm just going on what I have read). You might consider emailing the scheduler for the shop - I think someone else did this and the decision to exclude the shop was reversed. I performed an audit for IntelliShop on 6/15. These particular audits are generally graded very quickly (many times before I can get to the next shop a few miles down the road). I emailed the scheduler yesterday because it is still in "Completed" status as opposed to "Received". I was assured that the audit was submitted correctly. Unfortunately, some kind of change is obviously in the works. I hope IntelliShop decides against supplementing with Wordsmith Pros and continues to use their employed editors.

I've noticed them using WordSmith Pros more often and I'm not a fan. These editors don't appear to actually read your narrative, just send the shop back stating you must answer 'xyz' as if you didn't but in fact you very clearly did.
I was told that the client paused the project...

@author.jbjones wrote:

Where have their oil change shops gone?
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