Did HS Brands Hire Some Coyle Editors?

I've been doing valet shops for HS Brands for at least 7 years now picking up on average 2 a month. They lost one client close to me. I used to do about 3 per month.

The last shop was returned with " Please remember all NO answers do require explanations such as "11. Were you asked if you have used our services before?" The Revenue Control section has the question "6. Were you told about the online survey?".

They were yes or no questions and there was no dialog box in the sections of the report to reiterate that, No, this did not happen. Besides, why should I have to type "I was not asked if I had used their services before."?

My response was "Where am I supposed to verify that this did not happen - 2. Was your ticket validated? It's a yes or no question! Where am I supposed to say my ticket was not validated since there is no dialog box under the "Revenue" section."

The editor's response after approving the report was:

"It was not asked to comment on verification? However, there is a comment box called: "Revenue Control Comments" where you added comments about your payment process. You could add comments about the verification if you wanted there. This is also where you comment that you were not asked about the online survey. There is a subsection for the attendant if a location has a cashier. It is all part of the Revenue Control section.

How does an online survey correspond to "Revenue Control Comments"? This location doesn't have a cashier, you pay the attendant.

I am just being too thin skinned?

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I also have a long, positive history with their valet shops and my last two have had negative comments. I think they must have new editors...
The toughest question I have on the report is they ask if i gave my ticket to the valet when leaving. Then did they rip it in half, give me half and then go off to get the car.

The problem is, at the location I do, you scan your ticket and your car arrives. There is no N/A for those questions so I always answer them yes so there is no question.

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I haven't shopped for HS Brands in years so I don't know about their specific forms. However, there is a legitimate reason to require shoppers to comment on "No" answers even if it is to restate the questions as answers -- to make sure we did not check "No" by mistake.

I like it when a form has an optional comment box near the bottom so we can explain things that don't fit neatly in other comment boxes.
The problem is there is no comment box in the sections where they want me to write the no answers in.
I understand. That's why I wrote what I wrote about an optional comment box. That way, if there is no appropriate comment box in a certain section, you can just put everything you need to in the catch-all box. Most MSCs don't include such boxes in their reports. Some MSCs I shop for do, and I hope more will.
Funny, I've asked the same question. I swear they have as my reports that used to be fine suddenly had lots of problems.
I just did a restaurant shop for HS Brands last week. When doing the report there was a red warning above each section to make sure to comment on every no or n/a answer. Some of the smaller sections did not have their own comment box so we were directed to use the catchall comment box further down the report. This particular restaurant visit suited my personal taste well as I do not really care about the server folding my napkin when I leave or trying to upsell me etc but the server did not do about 70% of the 200 things on the report so I had to comment on almost everything. Five hours later I swore never to do that assignment/report again.
It took a week for me to get the results of my report but it was deemed a report that did everything correctly on my end. In their defense they gave me enough money to spend to order the most expensive items on the menu.
As far as I know, HS Brands does not employ any editors. They engage ICs to do the work. Just like with shoppers, there is a wide variety in work quality between them.
Haha! I am sorry for laughing, but the heading is too funny!

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
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