Ipsos unable to complete shop as instructed

I have a grocery shop scheduled with Ipsos but can't complete it because the client does not do in store pickup. The instructions say do not do the shop if you can't do it as written and let Ipsos know. I've emailed the general email and the help/contact button but no reply. Is there another way I am supposed to let them know? Submit the report and say I was unable to complete the purchase?

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Both others and myself have experienced a problem with Ipsos responding to letters. I terminated our agreement, which was honored by the company, BUT continued to receive mail. I sent one request explaining I had cancelled my contract, but to no avail. As I no longer had a relationship, I was not able to turn the notices off, so now all of their communications go to SPAM.
I usually get a response but it really depends on who the scheduler is for the job. I have two of these for later this week and can't tell who the scheduler is. As long as you put s note in there, you should be ok. The job will expire and get removed from your list. I wouldn't submit it because then an editor may give you a low grade. Better to just let it expire.
Submit the shop as a closed location. It probably says to do exactly that in the guidelines.
That's a great tip. I checked the shop guidelines again and there is only the instructions that say to contact them if pickup in store is not available at the location.
Same thing here. I got no reply from the email. I submitted the report as unable to do the shop and there is a place to upload a screenshot from online that shows what types of shopping is allowed at that location as proof.
You can try messaging them through Facebook. They usually respond there or will get you in touch with the project manager for the project (as it sounds like there isn't a scheduler).

I had one of these today a d submitted it as unable to shop. The store required a 60 minimum and they could not deliver same day when i tried to place the order at 10 am. I also asked if they wanted me to do the shop with the extended delivery date and if so to just reassign. Wasnt sure and did not want to take the chance and not get reimbursed.
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