Intelli Shop will not pay mystery shoppers

Be careful of Intelli Shop they will find execuse to disqualified your reports and not pay you.
Save your time and money and not work with this scammer.
They will steal your hard work and will disappoint you.
If you have similar experience please post the details and report them to the local authorities.

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We hear a lot from new posters about how certain mystery shopping companies are scammers and disqualify reports. A lot of the times, I suspect it's because the shopper did not follow the guidelines. Can you provide more details why your report was disqualified? Maybe we can learn from it or provide advice. I have shopped for Intelli-shop for many years and they have always paid me.
"They will steal your hard work" is pretty harsh. I've worked for them for a very, very long time, and they have never "stole my work" nor denied one job of mine. I actually think they are the easiest company to work for. I made a mistake once and couldn't find a receipt, and they still accepted my job, paid me, and ALSO gave me a 10. So, I would like to hear more about why you feel the way you do.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
I'll go even a step further and say that not only do they pay, they've been willing to work with me over the years when I occasionally need a reschedule or I made a mistake etc.
Oops - I always confuse them with Ipsos! Well, I have not had this issue with Intellishop. I have done many assignments for them. I find their schedulers and editors to be among the best, very professional.

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No issues with them at all. They always thank me and pay me for my jobs.

Sounds like maybe you missed an important step. Maybe provide is a little detail so we can try and help you.
I agree with all who posted before me, concerning the integrity of Intelli-shop.

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Not here to defend any company, that is not my place, but I can only report my experiences. I've done 19 Intel-iShops year to date and am paid for every single one of them.
OP, Are you, by chance, the plural aspect of Shoppers56?


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It is difficult to give credence to a poster that has one post and after making that post, logs off from the site never to return. I will give them credit because typically a one and done will create an account, post, and leave within 15 minutes. This person created an account and waited a few days before posting.
I've been working with them for years and have never had an issue with payment. The most important thing is that you have to follow the guidelines and if you don't, then your shop will get rejected.
My experience with Intelli has been good. The company has been fair and professional, paying on time.
I think the only real question here is if this poorly constructed, detail devoid post was created by a human, a human-like entity (maybe an actual troll living under a bridge with a Wi-Fi connection) or a bot.
They are one of the first companies I signed up with and they have never cheated me. A couple of years ago there was some type of glitch with the system but they made it right and I was paid for every shop. I believe pay was held up for maybe two days? but it happens sometimes when you work with technology.
My experiences mirror the other responses.

I do shops for them every month, and have for years. And they have always paid the following month for each shop done the previous month.

As others have commented, sounds like an isolated incident, potentially with issues.
Why post such a categorical statment? Just because one shopper may have had difficulties with an MSC does not mean that the MSC will never pay shoppers.

For myself, I have never had any challenges to shop reports with Intellishop and I have had only exactly on-time payments except twice - once when they paid a day early and once when they paid a day or two late.

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I have shopped for Intellishop for almost ten years now. If any of you have not yet been a victim of Intellishop's business practices/absence of ethics, consider yourself LUCKY! They have used my reports many times without paying me, and have refused other shops without proper cause (although they did give a weak excuse!). I consider these 'ripoffs' just a cost of doing business with them, and although it hurts to get hosed by IS....that is part of the game.....
@grayaa13 wrote:

Be careful of Intelli Shop they will find execuse to disqualified your reports and not pay you.
Save your time and money and not work with this scammer.
They will steal your hard work and will disappoint you.
If you have similar experience please post the details and report them to the local authorities.

I have never had an issue getting paid by Intellishop; the Intellishop I know has honest, above-board people working for me who have paid me on time, every time. I never did that many shops for them, and I haven't done one in a while, so if it's a recent issue it would not have affected me.
salisburync inquires--Shopper Bob, Do you mean to say that your experience with IS is good, ...or bad?

Bob replies--Good on my end.
I really like Intelli-shop. They have really nice shops and pay as promised. I did a shop at the wrong location (didn't get paid, my bad, I get it) but asked if I could do the correct location still and they let me. Even though the wrong shop was my fault I did not get a bad review or citation.
Never had an issue with payment from them that I can recall. All the schedulers and editors are and have always been open and helpful; up to including increasing pay rates upon request. If a shop get's rejected and they don't pay you or you don't get an opportunity to fix it, it could have been poor report. They should communicate with you as to WHY it's rejected.
I worked with Intellishop years ago and always liked them. When I returned to shopping and auditing this year, I think Intellishop was the first company I looked up. About a month ago I did a certain audit for them for the first time. Although I had carefully reviewed the guidelines before heading out, given that it was my first time doing this particular job, it took longer to complete than I hoped. I felt rushed by the staff, too. I left the location not being happy with my work as I know I can do better. I was not even sure I had all the correct pictures. I was prepared to have the report sent back to me. I knew if it was, I would likely have to give the shop up and take a loss because it was on the tail end of a lengthy route and I wouldn't be able to go back anytime soon. To my surprise, my report was accepted the first time and I scored a 10 on it. If I were the editor, I would not have given myself a 10.

I like most of their schedulers, except for one, who has been discussed here on at least one other occasion. That person left me high and dry when I had an issue, so I completely ignore their e-mails. Judging by how many of that scheduler's jobs go unaccepted, I imagine others ignore them, too. (Shout out to all the lady schedulers at Intellishop - every one of them is awesome!!!)
There was one time in 2023 I completed a shop for them and I received a 10 on it. When they sent out the payment the following month they forget to include the shop fee (I did get paid for the reimbursement )

I email them asking about (Along with screen shots) . They said that they were sorry and they paid me the following month.
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