IPSOS grader error

I followed a shop guidelines to a T but the grader applied the guidelines from a different (but similar) shop and rejected it. I tried emailing the grader and the scheduler. I left a phone message and emailed one of the ipsos directors as well as the gal that takes care of the inbox. Next stop will be the senior director. I also emailed them a copy of their own guidelines. Hopefully someone will respond positively.

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Best of luck getting it reversed (and not ending up on Ipsos' naughty list.)

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I had some luck recently with a reversal, it was the editor's mistake. They said as such and I was paid.

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Who cares about the grade as long as you get paid. The sleeping giants at IPSOS are not going to respond. The majority of guidelines are poorly written , re-written and not edited. In my experience most editors have been on a power trip for years. to include Wordsmith pros. My health has improved after moving on from these leaches. It's sad that the people who do care about following the rules and take pride in the work, that the company will not reciprocate the same energy back into its so called "valued contractors".
Post on their Facebook page that you've reached out XX times and are not getting a response. Their social team is responsive and will get them to respond to you. They don't like the negative press, so do it nicely.
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