Confero Pay Issues

This was also addressed in another thread but it may get lost due to the title being too general. Is anyone having pay issues with Confero? I have and I’m concerned because of the lack of communication that there may be issues on the horizon. I am trying to get a feel for how many are in the same situation as I am.

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I saw the issues on the other thread. I've never had problems with Confero, but I've only done a sprinkling of shops for them over the years; they don't have much in my area. I have one shop to be paid this month and one for next, so we'll see.

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Update: Confero has paid me up to what was owed for this pay period. They stated in the memo that they had technical difficulties and apologized for the delay.

Confero is a company I have trusted for over 25 years. I will continue to have faith that they will hold to the contract.
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