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I have been doing Ipsos phone shops for years. I do the same locations every time I am eliigle. This week I did two locations I have easily done a dozen times each with no issue.

I had them both returned for wrong address on the photo. At first I thought I had switched them, but I looked and I definitely had uploaded the correct photo. The issue is that both locations are on a corner and the app put the main road instead of the side road which is listed. I reuploaded the pictures. I replied to the "reply to" address in the email. The editor replied to my lengthy reply which explained how the pictures were correct. I even included a google map of each location with the streets circled to show him it was the right location. He told me I am not to reply to him and to just upload the correct pictures. Then he sent the shop back with a request to upload the correct pictures.

How do I proceed? The pictures are correct and he seems new and not listening? At this point, it's barely worth the $12, but I don't want to lose the $12.

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Forward his response to alyson.whitten@ipsos.com, include the same explanation and maps, and ask her to resolve it with the information you already provided. She will. Copy the editor on your email to her.
I've had this happen more than once. One cell phone shop in Austin *never* populates an address, only GPS coordinates. Another one was sent back because the street was known by more than one name, and of course the one Timestamp used was different from the one on the shop. That kind of stuff is out of our control.

Since you've already emailed the editor, what I would do is put another note in the very last text box of the form (I think it's the one that asks if you would buy the first or second recommended device.) Put your answer to that question, then skip a line and put something like this:

"Note: The picture submitted is of the correct location (123 Main St, Anytown AL) for this shop. The timestamp app picked up an address on the cross street at the intersection of Main St and 1st St. This is beyond my control, as I was at the correct location."

Since the editor didn't "get it" after your original email, I would rephrase it and be as clear and concise as possible (not that you weren't the first time.) If you need to argue your case further with Ipsos or the editor, I'd look in Google Maps for their street-level picture of the location. It may help, especially if it shows neighboring businesses that were included in your photo. They've got some new editors; one of my shops got a 9 with a note I've never seen before.

$12 and way too much narrative for a cell phone shop. I hate doing these. Let us know what happens.

If your path dictates you walk through hell, do it as though you own the place. -unknown
yea, there is a lot of those streets with 3 different names around here. Every street has a county road #, some also have state highway #s too, and some have names too, and the GPS uses them all. But the GPS map pictures don't, and you never know which is going to pop up on the picture.

And then there are the stores that have street addresses for streets on the back or side of the building, those street names never come up on the GPS camera.

But the editors aren't in rural towns, they are in cities, where street names mean something. Sometimes a building on a corner has the side street's address, but not often.

It took me a few years to finger this mess out here, but I had several trips out here to visit my grandkids before I became fully immersed in the mess they call addresses and directions around here. There is a cable company shop I did one time, required GPS camera pics, the address is on the main highway, an intrastate highway, but the store is more than a mile down a side road that makes a 2 mile loop. That picture just gave coordinates, not the street address, but they didn't question it at all.
They used to give me hell about the location that wouldn't populate an address. I'd be like, 'if you don't believe me, pop in the GPS coordinates and see what you get.' I guess we went through the dog and pony show enough times that they finally stopped questioning it.

If your path dictates you walk through hell, do it as though you own the place. -unknown
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