Have had the most absurd encounter with Sentry. They had a job for a Taco Shop in my area on JobSlinger. I looked for it in my "available jobs"
area and it was not there. I emailed Sentry and asked them why I could not see the shop and got a reply with a link to request the shop which I did. There were two tests to pass in order to do the shop. That was O.K. because we like that Taco place. I took both tests, passed and then re-requested the shop. Was turned down because it said I needed to take the tests..... that would be the two tests I had just passed! At that point, I gave up. I'd rather buy my own tacos.

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I found the request for assistance that you sent to us yesterday at 4:30 PM. I can't find any reply from our team. Perhaps the communication you received was an autoreply. We try to reply to requests for assistance within 24 - 48 hours of submission.

I looked into the issue you mentioned with our testing and was unable to determine the exact cause of the issue. Occasionally the course status fails to update the shopper profile in Prophet and the result is that a shopper cannot self-schedule an assignment.

There are many factors that impact whether a specific assignment appears under the Show Me Assignments I Can Accept link. It is not always apparent or easy for us to determine the reason a visit may not show up for a specific shopper.

In reviewing your shopper profile, I did see that you were assigned a shop for the client you mentioned. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact me.



David Agius
The Sentry Marketing Group

edited to add: Shopper has been removed from assignment per shopper's request

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David with Sentry responded to my message, which was very nice and I appreciate it. I may re-register at some time in the future but not now.
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