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Frontline Focus International

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I've worked with Frontline Focus (Indonesia) since 2010. That time, the payment for this month visit will be paid on 25th of the next month, but since 2012, the payment delayed to 25th next 2 months or even until beginning of the third month. But still I had confidence that... Continue Reading

Frontline Focus

Frontline Focus should definitely be avoided. Carrie-Ann Kroll was so eager to contact/communicate with me when she wanted to get assignments done. Now, she totally ignores my emails, ever since I enquired about monies that were owed to me. I am still in a battle with this company, after several... Continue Reading

Frontline Focus

Hi, Has anyone worked for frontline focus recently? And if so have they got paid. I did lots of work for them years ago and they were always good to me - paid on time, lots of work... Now they recontacted me a few months ago and asked me to go... Continue Reading

Delay payment for FrontlineFocus

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Frontline Focus International

This company does not pay... Please advise all Mystery Shoppers that you know that this is not a reputable company to shop for.... Continue Reading

Frontline focus Hamilton

Can you guys give me some feed back on this company Do they pay... Continue Reading

Frontline Focus International

I had payment problems with this company, they are in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, I finally received my payment which I had done alot of shopping for them, there payment time is 6-8 weeks after the period ending date, not necessarily the date in which you did the... Continue Reading

Frontline Focus

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Some Canadian Companies/companies with shops in Canada are: Performalogics Spotcheckservices Service Evaluations was Strategic Evaluations Consumer Connection Premier Service SQM - Service Quality Management Shoppers Confidential Service Metrics Frontline Shoppers Mysteryshoppingcanada. (Source). July 07, 2017

Most of my work is with performalogics, consumerconnection, service evaluations inc., intouch, shoppers confidential, Bare, an occasional shop with wecheck, frontlineshoppers, intellishop, Maritz, SQM, Marketforce, Service Metrics, Maritz. (Source). April 29, 2017

The MSC's that my wife and I both are members of are: The following MSC's are ones that we are active with in Canada: A Closer Look BARE Int'l Bestmark SQM (Sensors Quality Management) Customer Impact Frontline Shoppers Retail Track Spotcheck Services In addition to the above, the following are additional companies that we do contract work for when in the USA. (Source). November 06, 2016

The main ones I've been using lately are: performalogics, consumer connection, strategic evaluations, shopper's confidential, wecheckservices, premierservice, intouch, frontlineshoppers, Alta60, Bare international. (Source). November 06, 2016

Also, the staff members are similar to salespeople. The "supervisor" hides behind them and calls the shots, but the frontline employees are employed to try to get as many shops filled at the lowest rate possible. (Source). May 19, 2016

I like doing all kinds of different shops. We Check Frontline Premier Service Service Intelligence (In Touch now) Spot Check Services Gapbuster Beyond Hello (See Level now) Service Sleuth/HS Brands SQM Maritz Marketforce Performlogics Shoppers Confidential Intellishop Reality Based Reports Mystery Shopping Canada Service Metrics Albatross and a few others that I rarely ever work for. (Source). March 05, 2016

Just make sure that you report the income. I have never heard of them, BTW. They actually appear to have gone bankrupt in 2014: but someone could have bought them or their name. (Source). March 04, 2016

If you use the "Search" feature and put in "Frontline" and ask for "all dates" you will pull up a litany of payment complaints. (Source). September 18, 2015