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Frontline Focus

Frontline Focus should definitely be avoided. Carrie-Ann Kroll was so eager to contact/communicate with me when she wanted to get assignments done. Now, she totally ignores my emails, ever since I enquired about monies that were owed to me. I am still in a battle with this company, after several... Continue Reading

Frontline Focus

Hi, Has anyone worked for frontline focus recently? And if so have they got paid. I did lots of work for them years ago and they were always good to me - paid on time, lots of work... Now they recontacted me a few months ago and asked me to go... Continue Reading

Delay payment for FrontlineFocus

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Have you heard of this company they say they do Mystery shopping for :EDITED: but I find it hard to access there website. Can you tell me if you have been approached by them are they a scam?... Continue Reading


Frontline Focus International

This company does not pay... Please advise all Mystery Shoppers that you know that this is not a reputable company to shop for.... Continue Reading

Frontline focus Hamilton

Can you guys give me some feed back on this company Do they pay... Continue Reading

Frontline Focus International

I had payment problems with this company, they are in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, I finally received my payment which I had done alot of shopping for them, there payment time is 6-8 weeks after the period ending date, not necessarily the date in which you did the... Continue Reading

Frontline Focus

Anyone have any personal experience with this firm?... Continue Reading

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So I'm staying away from frontlinefocus. (Source). March 06, 2015

I haven't tried till today. The only button on Frontline Shoppers jobs is to edit, and apparently do not have the permissions for that. (Source). February 18, 2015

I am also not paid by mystery shopping from Frontline focus for my shops from June. (Source). January 13, 2015

Frontline Focus should definitely be avoided. (Source). December 19, 2014

I think these three were missed - all verified: We Check Frontline Shoppers Mystery Shopping Canada (Source). December 10, 2014

com] Eye Spy Spotter Services Inc (see Hospitality Checkpoint) Faith Perceptions website: Feedback Plus (see also Sentry Marketing Group) First Class Research Associates website: Five Diamond Hospitality website: Frontline Focus International Frontline Shoppers website: http://www. (Source). December 08, 2014

Frontline Focus International OK Gapbuster OK GFK Mystery Shopping OK :) Global Compliance Research OK Goodwin & Associates OK Graymark Security Group OK Greet America Inc. (Source). December 04, 2014

If you'll click on the link (under your post) that says More Discussions About Frontline Focus International it will take to you to prior discussions about this company. (Source). July 21, 2014

Hi, Has anyone worked for frontline focus recently? (Source). July 21, 2014

Frontline Focus always paid me. (Source). April 20, 2014