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Reality Check Schedulers - Question answered

Does anyone know if they work weekends on pending apps? I submitted a request yesterday for a shop today and it is still pending. It's 11:00 AM here, and I'd like to be able to plan my day. I'm not complaining - I'm the one who waited until last minute... Continue Reading

Reality Check for Me

We read a lot about the horrible things MSCs do, how about a positive? I am very happy with the editors at Reality Check. Recently, I did two shops at retailers with names so similar they are only one letter off. Example: John's Store and Joan's Store. I did my... Continue Reading

Reality Check payment delay?

Is anyone else seeing a slower pay rate with Reality Check this month? They were among my most reliable on paying that last week of the month following a shop and now I have no pay on any June shops. Is something new going on with their... Continue Reading

Payment from Reality Check?

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Reality Check Mystery Shopping pay cycle

Anyone know what their pay cycle is? I neglected to put it on my spreadsheet when I signed up and I did my first couple of bonused shops for them last month.... Continue Reading

Reality Check

Do they ever let you auto assign shops? I recently signed up with them and have applied for 2 different shops, both of which were assigned to another shopper. I did choose a different location for one of them, so I will be doing my first shop with them this... Continue Reading

Anyone else still owed money from Reality Check?

These guys have always been super reliable with their payments. Looking back over my spreadsheet (I track date accepted, date due, date supposed to get paid and actual date paid), they have never paid a shop from the prior month any later than the 25th of the following month.... Continue Reading

Reality Check

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Reality Check- UPDATE

I'm soooo done being treated poorly by one of their reviewers. Snotty, mean, overly critical and tonight she tells me she had to "guess" at my receipt. Really? My pic is crystal clear, and I even attached it to her email. I need to speak to a live person. Never... Continue Reading

Reality Check Now is Grade A

Reality Check has now paid the last two months on a new pay cycle. They state that they will pay by the end of the second month after the shop(s). They are now paid for OCTOBER 2010. This is 24 days earlier than quoted. I now rate Reality Check ... Continue Reading

Reality Check

Anyone know how and how often they pay? I thought for sure they were by paypal for the end of the month following the month of the shop. They owe me quite a bit for June, so just anxiously waiting. I have only been paid for one shop I have... Continue Reading

Reality Check and their picky feedback

I am getting tired of Reality check and their picky, picky feedback. You can tell when you get a different editor/evaluator. I have had probably 8 assignments there now. I think 4 of them received feedback of just "thank you" or "excellent job." Those of course are rated 10. Now... Continue Reading

Reality Check Mystery Shopping

Has anyone else had delays in payment from Reality Check Mystery Shopping? Seems I have to email them each month I do shops for them to get paid. Their policy is supposed to be the end of the following month, but I never get until at least the 10th. I... Continue Reading

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Keren Dolan (800) 452-5150 Primo Solutions, LLC Heather Price (623) 547-7992 X100 QSI Specialists Lety Gonzalez (702) 891-0550 Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers Mary Furrie (800) 580-2500 Quest for Best/Quest Associates, Inc. Chuck Roam (901) 388-7203 RDAssociates, Inc. Laura Leis (610) 667-5566 Reality Based Groupô, Inc. Shopper Contact 512-275-1350; Ext. 1 Reality Check Ross Thomas (206) 364-9004 Regal Hospitality Group John Murphy (813) 854-1855 Remington Evaluations, LLC Sarah Leeke (866) 485-6491 RetailTrack Mystery Shopping & Consulting Helene Harrison (613) 836-3559 Sales Quality Research Group, Inc. (Source). July 31, 2015

I finally got the Reality Check report submitted but it took way longer than it should have. (Source). April 07, 2015

I've been trying to do a repost for Reality Check and Sassie is slowwwww. (Source). April 07, 2015

If any of you remember, a few months ago I posted that I would not be doing anymore of the Reality Check/Sassie Shop grocery store shops because of the exceedingly low payment ($20 - $25 with no reimbursement amount for purchases). (Source). February 11, 2015

Just to update everyone, I heard back from Reality Check and no 1099 MISC form will be generated afterall. (Source). January 26, 2015

Hi all, I just got form 1099- MISC from Reality Check. (Source). January 26, 2015

Reality Check uses Sassie and the editor was from RC too. (Source). January 19, 2015

I did not wish it to denigrate but rather to generate objective opinions. As you note, Reality Check clearly stipulates the payment terms. (Source). December 13, 2014

Thank you to all the loyal shoppers out there - keep shopping, especially in grocery stores & restaurants! Best Regards, Elaine Reality Check Mystery Shoppers (Source). December 08, 2014] (Not on list) Quality Service Control website: Quality Scheduling Quality Shopper website: Quest for Best Mystery Shopping RDAssociates website: Reality Based Group (Gamefilm Consultants) Reality Check Mystery Shopping Red Brick Scheduling website: www. (Source). December 08, 2014