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Consumer Impressions

I recently signed up with Consumer Impressions and I am beginning too think it was a mistake. Months after registering, my application is "still under review: and I am blocked by the website. I called the phone number and it is answered by a recording for TFF Pharmaceuticals. In addition,... Continue Reading

consumer impressions

Has anyone heard of this company or Worked with them? I didnt see them listed in the sticky, just wondering if they are ligit when or if they pay ect. Any info would help thanks!!... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions

Are they still scheduling shops? I have not been able to get any shops this month.... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions login trouble

Any other shoppers registered with Consumer Impressions who are having trouble logging in? I enter the correct info, and the browser just keeps waiting on a response for several minutes before I get a timeout message (from either the browser or my web proxy).... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions-- need help

I got my first assignment from them today, changed the date to the date I was going to be in the area, and tried to print out the "form" that I assume would be the instructions for the shop. It's their fast food shop, lunch time. 1. The assignment... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions - Only ONE?

Hey ya'll, I just signed up for them, I was wondering, do they only have ONE client? In going through the extensive application process, it seems that they are focused very much on one. Thoughts?... Continue Reading

Brianne (Consumer Impressions) ROCKS!!

So I am in the car, on my way to two shops 80 miles from home. I had never done anything for consumer impressions. I just signed up a week or so ago. When I get out of the "Twilight Zone" area, (no cell service) I get... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions - What is EBa, EBb?

I've recently register with Consumer Impressions for some burger shops. In your profile they have you fill out location preferences for these shops along with which "dayparts" you are available to shop. Bf, Lu, Dn I get. Does anyone know what EBa and EBb refer to? The key says "Early... Continue Reading

consumer impressions

Has anyone worked for this company?... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions?

They have mostly one primary FF client. I have always enjoyed working for them. Assignments plentiful and paid promptly. Noticed over the last month or so that assignments in my area were scarce and much fewer per location. Looked for October for the last couple of weeks, as I did... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions

One of the "things" I've had to get over in doing this is shucking out my social security number to the many MSCs I've signed on with. I'm always very careful once I get to the application page to make sure I have an active https:// connection, meaning SSL... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions

Anyone heard of them? They seem to be one of the few that do food that do more than reimburse but they want you to pay for your training. Now that is also a first for me. Thanks, Susie... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions -- are the shops for March posted yet?

Has anyone been seeing March shops for Consumer Impressions yet? Usually by this time of the month, they've already assigned me a couple and the job board is still full of others to choose from. But the job board has been sitting empty since mid-February in my area...... Continue Reading

Consumer Impressions

I cannot seem to pass the test for certain fast food burger place. I had the test printed out and the review printed out, wrote out all my answers and was sure I was right, and lo and behold, failed again! Whats up with that? I do lots of... Continue Reading

Seeking Feedback on Consumer Impressions

Anyone worked with this firm? I couldn't find anything by searching here.... Continue Reading

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[/quote] Hat tip also for on-time, correct payment to Ardent Services MarketForce Second to None Consumer Impressions (Source). May 03, 2020

Be careful with a company named CONSUMER IMPRESSIONS. (Source). October 08, 2019

I recently signed up with Consumer Impressions and I am beginning too think it was a mistake. (Source). September 08, 2019

For consumer impressions (Source). May 29, 2019

I used to live in Texas and shopped for Consumer Impressions. (Source). June 03, 2017

I had a shop for Consumer Impressions where the manager for the FF restaurant I shopped actually emailed me and thanked me for the feedback. (Source). May 29, 2017

Consumer Impressions was first. (Source). April 04, 2017

I did my first shop in the early-mid 1990s for Consumer Impressions after my mom by chance met a person who worked there and explained what they did, she told me so I called and signed up. (Source). December 21, 2016

Consumer Impressions has one in my area. (Source). December 18, 2015

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