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Customer Perspectives Site Down

...... Continue Reading

Jacyn/Customer Perspectives merged

I see Jacyn and Customer Perspectives either merged or Jacyn bought them out. I work for Jacyn, but CP never have jobs in my area. How does this (if at all) effect everyone?... Continue Reading

Jancyn has acquired Customer Perspectives

Could someone give me some insight about shopping for Jancyn. I have shopped for years for Customer Perspectives.... Continue Reading

Kim D. at Customer Perspectives--Great to Work With

Kim has been nothing but responsive, helpful, and complimentary! I wish I could do more shops for this company!... Continue Reading

Anybody do jobs for Customer Perspectives?

I've only been shopping with this MSC a few months, but I love them! The shops pay fairly, the questionnaires and guidelines are written concisely and, for the most part, unambiguously, and the people are very responsive! I just wish they had more jobs in my area! They have a $19... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives Shoppers Board/Login Page Down

Anyone else having this issue?... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives Internet Communication

Anyone else tried to communicate with them and never hear anything back? They reached out via email and I replied to that email with a concern. I reached out again to different emails about four times in the span of a month and have yet to receive one reply from... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives

Is anyone else having issues in regards to not being able to see or view jobs that are available but then not available to you when you check each city off? I am coming up with nothing and have checked over 40 cities that have availability but not for me. ... Continue Reading

1099 from Customer Perspectives

I received the 1099 with the incorrect address for Customer Perspectives. I received an answer from them. I was told to change the N.Y. to N.H. they are located in Hooksett, N.H. Not N.Y.... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives 1099 FYI

Just an FYI (not sure how much it matters), Customer Perspectives has Hooksett, NY listed as their address. It is Hooksett, NH (I pass the office almost daily). I will either call or stop in on Tuesday to let them know. I seriously doubt anyone will be in the office... Continue Reading

Anyone ever hear of Customer Perspectives

Trying to find more MSCs to sign up with and came across Customer Perspectives. Has anyone ever had experience with them? Do they offer a lot of opportunities with good pay and pay quickly?... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives

Just wondering what your thoughts were on these guys?... Continue Reading

Has anyone heard of Customer Perspectives?

I don't mean Customer Service Perspectives of Consumer Perspectives. They want to assign me a mattress shop but since the last company I did a mattress shop for never paid me (or anyone) I'm leary.... Continue Reading

Customer perspectives??? Good? Bad?

Customer perspectives??? Good? Bad? I looked at the list and did a google search but came up empty. Has anyone worked for them? Do they pay on time? Any thoughts? This is not the same company as MCP.... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives???

Has anyone heard of these folks? Someone posted an invite in another thread but I don't see them in the list. I see "consumer" but not "customer." Thoughts?... Continue Reading

FEEDBACK PLEASE: Adult bookstore shops for Measure Customer Perspectives

Anybody ever done those adult bookstore shops for Measure Cuatomer Perspectives please??? Not kidding, but can you purchase whatever you want within their alotted amount??? If so, how is the shop and this msc to work for??? Many Thanks and FLASH Rules...... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives - Scheduler Kim

I did 2 good shops, Then made a mistake on the third . The product rep was not at store at time I was told to go. I waited around and asked the regular employees. Then I left. I emailed Kim to tell her and ask if I could do... Continue Reading

CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVES: feedback please on their tire audit

I thought I read negative coments about doing tire store audits, and Customer Perspectives job posting on jobslinger says the shop is "picky" ( red flag) please on both the msc and the shop itself... Many Thanks and Happy Weekend to all.... Continue Reading

Customer Perspectives

I had a bad experience with this company.They have horrible editors who nitpick your report .I performed a combo bank shop for this company where I was to interview the teller and the member service rep. I was paid for only the member service portion and they said that I... Continue Reading

Most Recent mentions of Customer Perspectives

I was paid today for a shop completed in January for Measure Customer Perspectives through HS Brands. (Source). March 15, 2019

Sadly, very few shops in my neck of the woods. Customer perspectives is fine. (Source). February 27, 2019

Wanted to get feedback from you about these, trying to determine whether they are legit, have major known payment issues etc. Please help. - Data Quest - Consumer Perspectives - Customer perspectives [B]- Superior Customer solutions[/B] - Advanced feedback - Wave (experience wave? (Source). February 25, 2019

Wanted to get feedback from you about these, trying to determine whether they are legit, have major known payment issues etc. Please help. - Data Quest - Consumer Perspectives - Customer perspectives - Superior Customer solutions - Advanced feedback - Wave (experience wave? (Source). February 24, 2019

They always are really responsive and respond to emails almost instantaneously. I really appreciated it when they took the extra time to push Measure Customer Perspectives to send out payments. (Source). January 30, 2019

com Scheduling on behalf of Jancyn and Customer Perspectives. (Source). November 19, 2018

com Scheduling on behalf of Jancyn and Customer Perspectives. (Source). November 19, 2018

com Scheduling on behalf of Jancyn and Customer Perspectives (Source). November 19, 2018 where you will be asked for a writing sample. Do not email Email me at for more info. Customer Perspectives/ Jancyn pays monthly by PayPal only. (Source). May 09, 2018 You will be asked for a writing sample. Please email me with any questions. NH Amherst 03031 NH Bedford 03110 NH Berlin 03570 NH Concord 03301 NH Derry 03038 NH Durham 03824 NH Epping 03042 NH Exeter 03833 MA Falmouth 02540 NH Franklin 03235 NH Gorham 03581 NH Hampton 03842 NH Hinsdale 03451 NH Hudson 03051 NH Keene 03431 NH Lancaster 03584 NH Lebanon 03766 NH Lebanon 03756 NH Manchester 03103 NH Nashua 03060 NH Newington 03801 NH Plymouth 03264 NH Portsmouth 03801 NH Portsmouth 03801 NH Portsmouth 03801 NH Rochester 03867 NH Salem 03079 NH Salem 03079 NH Seabrook 03874 NH Somersworth 03878 NH Somersworth 03878 NH Tilton 03276 Payment is by PayPal only. Thank you! Kim Dambach Scheduling on behalf of Customer Perspectives and Jancyn Kim@Jancyn. (Source). May 09, 2018