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From National Shopping Service to all the people who work so hard for us! 3 B_EASON
Thank you Katie Clemens (Mintel) 4 PasswordNotFound
Kudos to Kim at Maritz 2 jay225
Kudos No Replies 1 jnewman85
Kudos to Starla Mathis at Stericycle No Replies 1 frodosdojo
Kudos to Aileen Mize of Confero 4 Windancer
Service Sleuth This topic has been moved.
Kim @ Summit Scheduling No Replies 1 SoCalMama
Here's to Kate and Lorrie at Service Check. 7 LisaSTL
Kudos to the editors at Ann Michaels No Replies 1 PasswordNotFound
Shoutout to Dorita & April at GFK No Replies 1 1JJ
Kudos to Joni at Summit No Replies 1 PasswordNotFound
Thank You Laura Waddell -- Summit 2 msimon-2000
kudos to ... CRI!!!! No Replies 1 cooldude581
Oh so dry season for me. sad smiley Drought This topic has been moved.
Trendsource is awesome!!!!!!! 3 dee hanshaw
Kudos to Alta 360 Research 3 ddeblois
*MWWWAAAAAHH!* 2 Shop-et-al
Kudos to Holly at AboutFace!   (Pages: 1 2) 59 CeciliaM
KSS Shelly and Christy at SeeLevelHX 5 seattleshop425
Snowzilla 3 arkndove
Vision Client, Statopex and Lanla No Replies 1 mysterygirl888
Elizabeth at MarketForce 4 winelover
Kudos to Alan Juarez! No Replies 1 CeciliaM
Thanks to all of the great shoppers out there! 2 KSSShelly
Sally Craig 4 MA Smith
TREND SOURCE 3 redvettemama
Kimberly and Tami at Coyle, thank you for making me the best date in New York 2 Misanthrope
Jeff Capper at DJC's 4 AustinMom
Judy Miller at Ardent Is the Best! 2 BirdyC
Erica at Sinclair No Replies 1 Darlmam
Dawn Hunt 2 MA Smith
Kudos to Jan Khan, Director of Operations, Consumer Connection Monitoring Inc. 2 Bena
Kudos to Jacob 3 bjmartin
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