Kudos to Gina Hernandez at Sinclair

I rarely reschedule assignments, but this was one of those situations that I couldn't avoid. My wife and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary, which was March 2nd, over the weekend. Unfortunately, one of our cats ingested some of the remnants of her anniversary bouquet and was ill this morning. We took the cat to the vet and all is well, but I was strapped for time.

Gina didn't even sweat when it came to rescheduling my assignments that were due today. She knows I rarely reschedule and will help out in a pinch if at all possible. I thanked her personally, but felt the need to recognize her on this forum, since schedulers are always called out for the negative things. Gina is one scheduler who is golden for me and I have enjoyed working with her over the past 3 years.

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I hope you cat is well, I have friends becoming veterneans in their final year. You know they prescribe antidepressants for angry cats and sad cats now? The science for cats and dogs shows they can suffer from depression when you leave home too long. Dogs after eigth become more nervous wanting their owners near to them. Our pets follow my dad around the house, three cats will be laying next to him and two dogs ignoring the rest of the family. The older the dog and cat they become depressed and bond to one owner more than the other. The cats getting Prosac had their mood better, sorry your cat got sick. I study at night, I made the mistake of taking some Red Bulls and can't sleep now. My vet friend take's ritalin to stay away because his work load is crazy, he stays up for two days to study and work.
Gina is my favorite scheduler in Sinclair. She is very helpful. I am always asking her for help even with other assingments and she ussualy relies back to me regardles of that!

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I do not have anything bad to say about Sinclair's schedulers, although i have only worked with two. Both Gina and Bobby Withrow are great and easy to work with. Because of that, they are one of my favorite companies to do shops for.
Thanks everyone for the kind words but I can't be a super scheduler without having super Mystery Shoppers. So thank you all for helping me out with shops and I look forward to continuing working with each of you this year. God bless and may 2016 be your best year yet.

Gina is easy to communicate with & professional via emails. She's a great example for other schedulers!
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