Kudos, Compliments, & Shout-Outs

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Kudos to Wendy at Service Performance Group SPG No Replies 1 BuffaloNY101
Kudos to the GREAT editors at Coyle 8 PasswordNotFound
KUDOS to the Support Staff at EPMS 2 dmyster1257
Shout out to VickiesRacquet 3 roxanne9153
CRI- for rescheduling two of my shops in the last two months! 5 cooldude581
Shout out to Debbie Peters of Service Sleuth No Replies 1 risinghorizon
Sally A.Craig...Again! 2 MA Smith
Thank you Maritz! 5 mamx44
Kudos to Ryann Newman and Mercantile Systems 8 isaiah58
How about those hard working Nevada schedulers! 3 CANVGold
Great scheduler - Robin Myers at Reality Based Reports 16 DWLawrence
Kathy at Clear Evaluations 2 Monica L
Kudos to Gina Hernandez at Sinclair 8 DanteScheduler
Thanks to all of YOU! 2 katioard
Scheduler 'shout-out' - to Clarissa Feit at Market Force No Replies 1 aeroastro
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Thank you Brigid G.! 2 CRGProShoppers
Judith at Summit 6 Cynthia505
Lisa at shopperjobs 2 elviscentral
Kudos to Bonnie Brady of A Closer Look No Replies 1 TxB17Lady
Kudos to Vicky at Market Force 2 2stepps
Kudos to Jeffrey Rose 5 Cricket2009
Gracias to my favorite Scheduler No Replies 1 DNinCA
Thank you Donna!! 2 mamx44
Kudos to Jennifer Hernandez of Sinclair No Replies 1 RhondaGN
Kudos to Jeff Capper & All Staff At DJC No Replies 1 RhondaGN
Kudos to Laura Lord No Replies 1 gbarnes
Schedulers No Replies 1 Shopper2016
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