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Spreadsheet -- Database of Companies (Can you help update this?) 30 JacobJ
Updating MSC Database   (Pages: 1 2 3 4) 108 stilllearning
Second To None/CX Group "Quality Rating/Ranking" No Replies 1 drdoggie00
IPSOS ranking question 7 ShopperGirly
Deactivate Gigspot No Replies 1 jblair2000
Idiotic Pathetic Sorry Odious Sketchy 7 BusyBeeBuzzBuzzBuzz
Marketforce app 8 big_sky_thunder
Curinos Pay Cycle 3 brianmott8
ACL Website Lagging when writing comments for shops 13 JimmyP
Presto and Ipsos a combination made in He__ 19 piebaby
Bare International Walmart money transfer shop 15 SD Mystery Shopper
Intelli Shop will not pay mystery shoppers   (Pages: 1 2) 34 grayaa13
Did Ipsos not pay this week? 3 Spooky1
Mintel Cutoff Dates 2 stilllearning
I Hate Field Agent 16 dafizisblue
Mobbee app ??? 4 bmttinman
Do most MSC pull jobs on Black Friday Weekend? 2 whataboutpromblaine
Secret Shopper® Website Got A Much Needed Facelift 14 EmilyB1983
Secretshopper hardware shops 17 mgoodreau 7 David Hoppe
Coyle Assignments? 9 BarefootBliss
They’re about to swipe another one… 3 patman9760
ipsos phone shops - new editor 5 mgoodreau
E-mail Option Set To "No" 3 wrosie
Regal HG 28 nolimitem
Need some new companies 3 mgoodreau
IPSOS grader error 4 shopperzsp
Confero payments 23 cmrgray
Confero Pay Issues 3 mmsackett
TrueGuest - are they still in business? 6 bluevery1106
Ipsos paying even faster! 16 CoolMusic
Second to none website down 7 OldmanJames
Customer Impact   (Pages: 1 2) 32 Boutique
ACL Direct Deposit 2 dafizisblue
Merchandiser App 7 Logansmom04
The darkness shop - Ipsos strikes again. 12 salisburync
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