(merchandiser by survey app)

this is a app with a big white M on a green background

i attempted to use the app some time ago and was not happy with it however i have given it another shot. The first project I took was a project based job.. the last 4 that I have completed were store resets which are paid hourly.

the best part about these is they are subcontracted through Crossmark and the crossmark employees are there to help you out. they are the team leads. I have worked with anywhere from 4 other people to 12 depending on the store and what was required

it is anything from cleaning up to resetting the entire store.. the work is easy and if you have questions there are people there to answer which is so much better than doing it on your own

pay varies depending on what you sign up for which is very clear. if you stay for the time you are paid the allotted amount.. if you stay over you are paid more... pay ranges from $12 to $15 an hour... sometimes gas is comped if it is offered. if not you can ask (it was $0.20 a mile the one time i was paid for that)

currently there is plenty of work with a number of national pharmacy chains


shopping north west PA and south west ny

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Has anyone had issues lately with messages being ignored? I have only had replies to 2 messages ( out of 20 or so) in the last 6 weeks. Unfortunately one of the ignored messages was a decline on a reset, and it cost me 1.5 points on my reliability. Now I am losing work from them. Any suggestions?
I enjoy working for them. BUT - their app is full of bugs. I have been having issues with an uploaded job suddenly appearing as overdue; the dreaded spinning wheel of death; entire job for $7 disappearing entirely when I get home to upload it; and more. I like the Crossmark teams in my area.
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