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this is a app with a big white M on a green background

i attempted to use the app some time ago and was not happy with it however i have given it another shot. The first project I took was a project based job.. the last 4 that I have completed were store resets which are paid hourly.

the best part about these is they are subcontracted through Crossmark and the crossmark employees are there to help you out. they are the team leads. I have worked with anywhere from 4 other people to 12 depending on the store and what was required

it is anything from cleaning up to resetting the entire store.. the work is easy and if you have questions there are people there to answer which is so much better than doing it on your own

pay varies depending on what you sign up for which is very clear. if you stay for the time you are paid the allotted amount.. if you stay over you are paid more... pay ranges from $12 to $15 an hour... sometimes gas is comped if it is offered. if not you can ask (it was $0.20 a mile the one time i was paid for that)

currently there is plenty of work with a number of national pharmacy chains


shopping north west PA and south west ny

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Has anyone had issues lately with messages being ignored? I have only had replies to 2 messages ( out of 20 or so) in the last 6 weeks. Unfortunately one of the ignored messages was a decline on a reset, and it cost me 1.5 points on my reliability. Now I am losing work from them. Any suggestions?
I enjoy working for them. BUT - their app is full of bugs. I have been having issues with an uploaded job suddenly appearing as overdue; the dreaded spinning wheel of death; entire job for $7 disappearing entirely when I get home to upload it; and more. I like the Crossmark teams in my area.
Support rarely replies to messages anymore. Pay has become erratic. I still really like the resets, but my pay that was supposed to post by the 4th has not been paid yet. I honestly don't expect I will see it before the 10th, based on the issues from the last few pay cycles.

They used to pay within 10 it takes 10-20 days for approval, and another 10-20 days to be paid. Sad. The last few cycles the jobs passed QA in a day or two but pay was not approved until a day or two into the following pay period. Then pay actually posted to my account 2-3 days after the last day of the payment period (so pay due on the 11th-13th actually paid on the 15th).

I really hope they make it and get these issues fixed. I like the work but it looks like they are sinking fast.
Anyone else having app issues today? First, I just happened to open my profile this morning to access my badge. As I was watching my profile score went down an entire point. Later I got a text message that I had projects due/expiring today, and I needed to confirm they would be done. I replied that I had nothing scheduled today, and received a reply that I was correct. Just now all of the "available" assignments disappeared off of the board in list view, but still appear in map view.

I have closed & reopened, and checked for updates. Support is not responding to my messages. Any ideas?

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I won't touch their flat-rate jobs,as the rates are ridiculously low. At least when they paid within a few days there was some justification for "quick cash," but now that pay averages 3-4 wks out, I only take resets and demos.

Incidentally, the pay situation isn't likely to change soon. They are robbing Peter to pay Paul just trying to stay afloat after biting off more new projects than they could chew. They actually had to reschedule some of my projects because they couldn't afford to mail me the materials. So far they still pay (albeit very late sometimes) though.
I got a route offer today, 17 stops for $125??? The drive time alone would be about 17 hours because the route was in three counties and two states. No thanks.

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
@cm wrote:

I got a route offer today, 17 stops for $125??? The drive time alone would be about 17 hours because the route was in three counties and two states. No thanks.

These routes are generated automatically. They are almost never worth it. I have discovered, however, that many of the individual stops are bonused and that you can choose to accept single locations out of the route.
I typically delete the route offers. You do not receive a bonus and are paid the same as if you accepted the jobs from the list of open jobs.
Not necessarily true. Routes of more that 10 stops or of overdue jobs are bonused. You are not required to accept the entire route, however. You can click accept on each individual job you want, and the bonus for that location will still apply.

Not that the bonus is enough to tempt me, most times. (Okay, I did one $18 mouthwash).
I had 2 assigned a few days out and I received text daily asking me to reply "confirm" which I did. The projects that cam start in an hour now removed? Support did actually reply they were looking into it.
I have had the same issue. They aren't actually removed, they just disappear from the app listing on our end. I have actually lost several reputation points because the "missing" jobs expired. Support reversed some but not all. Very frustrating.

I was offered a heavily bonused DIY store on Saturday, to be completed by Sunday night. It had printing required, but I couldn't find an open office store or FedEx. I didn't want to lose another rep point for a late cancel, so I went ahead and did it, substituting a handwritten sign and explaining the situation. Today (holiday) they asked me to return to replace the signs or else lose $2. The store is 35 miles away, but flooding detours mean more like a 45 mile drive each way, plus tolls. I messaged to explain why I couldn't return...we will see how it goes.
I have worked for them in the past with good results doing the Seed Servicing in F&F stores. Did the same store several years in a row then started having trouble with my app and had to delete it and start over with a new account and missed out on the job.

Hans (who came here and originally pitched it to us on the forum) used to email me directly to take the assignment but I don't hear from him anymore.

Now I am trying to log into my old account but they app will not allow me - I log out and it logs me right back in under the new account.

At least they do answer messages right away (through the app) in fact I got called a couple of times for assignments I was waiting on but the scheduler couldn't even see if they were still availabe. Just now everything on the app disappeared - all the requested and available assignments that were there yesterday all went awol.
I did an app update and still nothing. Frustrating.
I just logged in and had no trouble. Check the filter button (bottom right, looks like a funnel) to be sure the right options are selected and that "routes" is not selected.
Yeah, tried to view under all types of filters and none and nothing.
My requested jobs are gone too.
The only thing still there are the back and forth messages with support.
Keep checking - nothing.
The shops are still there, just not visible. It's a known glitch. Keep pestering support so they don't expire, as this will affect your reliability score. Be sure you are using the "app issues" option for your messages, as the generic support team doesn't answer in less than 24 hours (longer on weekends).

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