Raise your hand if you're still doing Survey Merchandiser

Almost every company where I work has increased their pay rate, except this cheap company. What are these people expecting? Free labor? How come people are still accepting assignments? This is something I'd really like to know.

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Back last December, I got REALLLLL sick....it wasn't Covid (tested twice), but some sort of bronchitis that was treated with antibiotics. I had been accepted for a simple coupon placement on some freezer products in about 6 stores with them. They had sent me the coupons and I was ready to go before I got so sick. I wrote and explained how sick I was, and asked for a simple one week extension....they wouldn't grant it!! I told them if they wanted their neck hangers back, they'd have to send me some sort of return authorization or return label. They wrote back a day later and "magically" somehow said that they all of a sudden had "enough" stores covered so that the stores I had been given didn't need to be done anyhow. Yeah, right. So, I didn't appreciate that they couldn't give me an extension....ESPECIALLY WHEN I had ANOTHER COMPANY (Customer Impact) MORE THAN GLADLY extend an assignment I had with them in NINE STORES for that extra week until I got better....and even wrote and told me to get well and hoped I would be better soon.

So.....will I go out of my way to do something for Survey Merchandiser???? NOPE, not on your life!! (PS.....I ended up just tossing the stuff they had sent me).

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I have done about 5 this year when it in the vicinity of my route and a worthwhile fee.

A Dad shopping the Ark-LA-Tex and beyond.
Several months ago I sent them a curt message about their remuneration and business practices. I also included a request to be removed from their system. I want nothing to do with a company that exploits desperate individuals who are just trying to get by. Paying a measly $7 to go to a grocery store, organize and restock the racks, get product from the back, talk to a manager and attemp a sell-in to get the store to sell more product and/or carry more product on the shelves is absolutely disgusting.
They sent me an offer to clean an ice cream cooler - I was also supposed to go to a dollar store first, to get supplies (stated it'd be reimbursed) but the pay for the whole process was $12. So by the time I go to the store, get cleaning supplies, and actually go clean the cooler (and who knows what I'm going to deal with in there) it would be less than minimum wage.
A few years ago, this company paid at least $12 per store, and the survey was short, so you didn't have to talk to the manager. Then they realized that there are people in this world who just want to work for free. So they cut the rate from $12 to $7, made the surveys longer, and make sure you speak to managers at every store. Survey.com, have some shame and pay at least minimum wage.
Lazymerch & MrEd - you are both so right. I surveyed survey.com tasks and many of them want you to merchandise the product and then they want you to be a sales person as well AND for less pay than before. It is disgraceful.
I am jut looking into doing this after being out for some time. It didn't pay much than. I am retired now from B&M employment.
I had never heard of this company before. I looked them up. At least they are honest in their advertising. The picture of the app on their website does not have attractive fees.

Having to download an app and signup for a 3rd party payment service (not paypal) are no goes for me.

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The rate was lowered to $6 and the time period was increased to 30 minutes. What a pathetic company trying to take advantage of people.
Yes. I noticed that the fee was reduced to $6. WTH! If it was just one task, maybe if I was in the store anyway. But now you have to audit displays, restock, talk to a manager. I do take an occasional job if the fee has increased to at least $10 and there are no extraneous add ons.
I have been doing assignments for this company for 2+ years and have always been paid as promised. Many of you will probably be shocked to hear this, but you can actually negotiate a higher payment by asking the scheduler first. Depending on your market, they will gladly pay 2-3 times the amount offered in most cases and will send you a private offer with the adjusted amount.

Took over a year for me to realize this fact and is not commonly known by most shoppers.

Just sayin...LOL
I agree whole heartedly with this. I just wrote a company who pays $3 for a chocolate candy shop with $18 reimbursement for chocolate
The 3 dollars is a pittance payment for what was required. My travel and inputting the report. Even if you asked to double it, that would make it a whole 6 dollars.

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This store used to be a whopping $4 and the $18 reimbursement with another MSC. The report wasn't too bad but yeah, $3 is just barely worth me starting my car.

@Livsmarbs wrote:

I agree whole heartedly with this. I just wrote a company who pays $3 for a chocolate candy shop with $18 reimbursement for chocolate
The 3 dollars is a pittance payment for what was required. My travel and inputting the report. Even if you asked to double it, that would make it a whole 6 dollars.
Best thing was she wrote me back that people love using the chocolates as holiday gifts. I let her know it is 2022 not 1989. That is not even minimum wage. Happy holidays.
when i first started with them i did two of the set pay jobs. never did it again.

their hourly store reset positions from 1 day to a week are $20+ an hour often offer travel and lodging... and often are extremely flexible with start and finish times after you accept them. i have spring break coming first week of march and will download the app again to see what they have. they are very quick to respond as well.

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