Mistreated by EPMS Apartment shop editors, anyone else?

EPMS tries every way possible not to pay what they owe. they have gone as far as accusing of stealing the recorders from them to docking pay for no reason. and all this AFTER you spend all the time entering the REQUIRED info into there system. I can in no way recommend doing shops for them. And i recommend to all apartment complexes using them to find a new one to use they are a bad company to represent you apartments.

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Once you have made additional contributions to the threads on the forum, readers will give more weight to your comments. In the meantime it is always useful to explain just what was or was not done that injured you. That is the best way to help readers act appropriately on your information.

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Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Well, I've got to disagree with David's statement. I have never not been paid. I have never done their vidoe shops, however, I have found them to be one of the most accommodating MSCs I've worked for.
Definately agree with Avitoots BUT we HAVE to get them to adjust their forms!!!! -Redundant questions!!!!! - Ellis is one of my favorites other than their forms. Yes, I know I'm being redundant - I've posted this before ;D.
sun&fun -- And they need to add those crazy questions that prove you were there to the form so it prints. I don't always remember that I need to take note of all that stuff and don't take my laptop with me when I shop so I can't look at the form right before I do the shop. The first time I did the shop, those questions were a complete surprise.
Totally agree with avitoots. I have always been paid by them.

And I have only had one or two questions about my reports. Afer a while, you get accustomed to the questions and can answer them rather quickly. I don't go into as much detail as previously when describing the layout of the apartments, the decorations or what the office looked like. And I rarely notice anything extraordinary about the way the leasing agent looks. But there was a woman with a pierced nose once--I wonder what the editor thought about that comment!
DanceMom -- One guy I shopped had a huge clunky gaudy gold watch and you best believe I mentioned it.
avitoots Wrote:
> DanceMom -- One guy I shopped had a huge clunky
> gaudy gold watch and you best believe I mentioned
> it.

That reminds me of the description of a contact I once had. She had a memorable combination of a bright smile, friendly greeting, plunging neckline, ultra-short skirt and a dazzling and liberal use of jewelry.
Well, they want specifics to identify the target. What did you say about whether she was "professionally" dressed?
Never bee mistreated by EPMS, love to shop for them. I dislike the "Additional Questions" and also the detailed office description and description of the property sign in the community detail page. On occasion I just wrote that I could not describe the office or apartment in detail because I was paying attention to what the leasing agent showed me or said. They have never questioned me on this. I always get the carpet and wall colors and the placement of the bathrooms. They seem to be satisfied with that.
I have seen a few report layouts that were different from the normal one. They were for different clients, of course. I think that these are newer clients and EPMS is adjusting the forms to be less reduntant and have a more natural flow. It always ticks me off when the Executive Summary comes before everything else.Makes no sense whatsoever. Should the form not start with the phone call? Why can it not have a natural flow?

If I don't notice the colors of the carpet, etc. in the office, I look up their website. Usually there's a picture of the office and once I look at it, I remember enough. You have to be careful though, because sometimes the picture isn't much like the real thing.

I usually look at their website before I go, too. I don't look at reviews of the complex anymore though. I felt the reviews affected my opinions--especially the review of the upscale place that said the management didn't keep the grounds free of dog waste!
I just completed a shop for them and used the time I was left alone to write notes including notes about the office. The one question that really throws me is the apartment number for the unit or model that I'm shown because I usually don't notice. Also, my target "was stuck in a meeting" when I arrived at the property for the appointment I thought I had scheduled with her. I e-mailed the scheduler when I got back to let her know and she said no problem. I haven't had this particular situation before but expect to get paid.
Their policy is that if your target isn't available, shop whoever you get. I've had to do that several times and always got paid. Just be sure to put in your report what happened.

I have trouble with remembering the apartment number, too. I bet lots of people do. Sometimes the leasing agent will write down the apartment number on your floorplan. I love it when they do that!
Dancemom -- I did do the tour with the other person because I knew if I insisted on the target keeping the appointment I would have probably been outed as a shopper. I just like getting it in writing that it was o.k. in case there are any questions down the line.
When I fail to observe something, my answer is "not observed." I have never, ever, been admonished by anyone at EPMS for admitting that I failed to note an apartment number, someone's eye color, or the color of the office carpet.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
walesmaven -- I haven't either. I just mentioned it because when I go back to do the report I kind of do a "Doh" because I've done enough of these that I should remember certain things. I remember getting some information about the office and the route we took, but some items they ask for just don't stick with me.
avitoots Wrote:
> Well, they want specifics to identify the target.
> What did you say about whether she was
> "professionally" dressed?

This was not for EPMS but to answer your question: Yes, I would very much consider her a "professional". She was probably a professional entertainer of men with a specialty in prone performances.
If you shop in a state where you can legally record the conversation, the building and apartment numbers are easy. If the number of the building is visible as we approach, I just say the number and make a comment like "I know you don't have 2000 buildings, how come this one is 2123? Then when we get to the apartment I'll say "Why is this apartment A?" or something similar. Works every time for me.

DanceMom....I always look at the apartment website before a shop. A lot of times the furniture etc are depicted. What I REALLY look for is the main community sign. I have a hard time remembering those and it is not always possible to take a good pic of the sign.
I did my first apartment shop for EPMS today. Disaster.

The leasing agent only gave me 9 minutes of her time and I got nothing with her handwriting on it but I still filled out the million page report.

Not a good first apartment shopping experience at all.

I surely will not get paid sad smiley

"It's not THE way, it's just A way"
I don't know why you won't get paid. Did you get a business card? You generally don't need something with the agent's handwriting on it. Usually it's only if they give you a floor plan or quote with their handwriting on it that it's important. I think I've only gotten that once and have been paid for every visit I've made. As long as you told exactly what happened and why the agent didn't spend a sufficient amount of time with you, you're probably fine.
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed then. I finished the report hoping that they'd pay me at least something. The leasing agent was horrible. I explained the whole thing in my report. But the shop instructions did say "SUBMIT a business card, a brochure or floor plan (with the agent's handwriting), etc. with you shopping report; other wise you will NOT BE PAID."

"It's not THE way, it's just A way"
I just looked at the instructions for the shop I did and it says a business card, brochure or floor plan with agents notes on it. I don't think you necessarily need all of them. If you have the business card, that's proof you've been there. I have a quote and floor plan from my last shop but they both have my notes, not the agents. I think you'll be fine with just a business card. I have rarely had agents write notes on the quote or floor plan.
Any one of the three proofs will almost certainly be fine. If the agent didn't do his/her job that is not a disaster for you; it may be one for them. If you provided a true report and a proof of visit, no reason you should not be paid. My all-time shortest apartment shop was about 9 minutes, and I got paid by EPMS.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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I emailed my scheduler last night and she replied this morning that she will talk to her supervisor and see what they can do. All hope is not lost smiling smiley

"It's not THE way, it's just A way"
Just be factual in your report to EPMS.

I had an 11-minute shop with a leasing agent recently.

He totally blew me off; was abrupt, acted like I was an interruption to his Web surfing, etc.

I didn't color my report with any of my emotions.

Instead - wrote things like, "The agent did not invite me to sit down. We remained standing four feet from the door." and "The agent did not offer me rental rates or a floor plan."

You can get the point across - that the agent was unhelpful - without any emotional "cluttering" of your viewpoint.

Also, OneBusy, your experience was rare. Most leasing agents are friendly, kind and professional. And the EPMS reports DO get easier with time!
Thank you Missy, I did my best to keep my emotions and feelings out of my narrative. Being that it was my first apartment shop I had no idea how much typing I would be doing and once I got toward the end and saw that it was a requirement to get something with her handwriting on it I just wanted to turn the computer off and cry. But, I finished the report and emailed the scheduler. Now I'm hoping for the best.

I have another apartment shop scheduled for tomorrow and am just hoping it goes a lot better. At least I will know what to expect this time smiling smiley

"It's not THE way, it's just A way"
Busy Momma:

Don't worry. So long as you got a business card, you're fine. It's only when you don't get a business card that they want the agents handwriting on something else. If I don't get a card, I'll ask them to write down their name so that I can call them back. Be glad you only only had to spend a few minutes--much better than an hour!
I love working with EPMS! I wish I had more time to do their shops. I have made plenty of negative comments on reports when warranted, and it has never been a problem.
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