*DOH* I emailled wrong scheduler!

My area currently has several storage unit shops with two different storage companies/ shopping companies.

I applied for one from each company. One was assigned, the other hasn't been approved, yet.

I keep getting email notifications from both and replied to the WRONG one about my app! They probably are going to think I am some kind of an idiot!

Maybe I need to make another Starbucks run....

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Sandra Sue Wrote:
> lilbit, I am not even going to tell you the worst
> mistake I made while mystery shopping.

Oh, PLE-E-E-A-A-SE! I could really use some cheering up!

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
Mistakes happen. This one isn't something to fret about. At least it isn't a mistake that'll jeopardize your relationship with the MSC.

Just apologize, email the correct scheduler and move on.

You'll live. Being a mystery shopper, you're providing your service. Regardless on how great your work is, you'll eventually catch some harsh criticism at one point or another, whether it was your fault or not. I know I have, both in mystery shopping and especially in my full-time job as a project engineer. If you don't haven't experienced what I'm talking about yet, then this is DEFINITELY something you shouldn't worry about.

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Don't worry! I can't tell you how many times I have seen a scheduler e-mail the wrong shopper. Or how many times I have received an e-mail intended just for me that also had the adresses and personal info of other shoppers by mistake. Busy people make mistakes. The scheduler will likely understand and ignore.
That happened to me once. I wrote back and said, "Huh? Did you send me this by mistake?" and sure enough, they had.

I always respond back when I think I got someone else's message -- otherwise some bigger problem might happen from them not responding to it.

I got a fax from a doctor's office once with someone else's test results. I called the doctor right away. They were really, really grateful.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
lilbit77 Cheer up! I intended to forward an email to a shopper friend about a shop in her area. I hit reply and my message went back to the scheduler who sent me the email. The scheduler let me know and asked me to contact my friend to get in touch with her directly about the shop. Lucrative mistake on my part, for my friend.
A scheduler once called me to perform a shop in a town near me. So I thought.

I accepted the shop, was emailed the acceptance, reviewed the guidelines, went out and performed the shop. I didn't bother looking up the address since there is only one of this store in that town.

Problem was... I'd been called about, and accepted, a shop in FLORIDA, with a city of the same name as the one near me. I'm in North Carolina.

Yep... not only did I shop the wrong location, it was the completely wrong state.

They amazingly accepted it and paid me anyway. We finally figured out that the scheduler probably called me about the one in MY town, but somehow assigned me the one in Florida, with the same town name.

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For some reason I get Jeanne from Melinda Brody mixed up with Leslie from Clear Evaluations. I am always emailing Jeanne with questions about a Clear Evaluations shops. She patiently reminds me that she does not work for Clear Evaluations.

I have asked her to go and work for Clear Evaluations to clear up this problem for me.
A while back, I did two senior living shops for two different MSCs one the same day. When I got home, I had a question about one of the shops. Turns out, I sent the email to the wrong scheduler. So, yeah, I felt like an idiot too, but oh well....

I once received an email from a scheduler reminding me of a shop I had scheduled. I replied thanking her for the reminder. I did not notice that she sent that reminder to everyone else - she did not bcc the other recipients, so when I replied, I replied to everyone on her list. I received tons of emails from other shoppers asking me questions because they thought I was the scheduler. It was a mess! I immediately sent the scheduler another email letting her know what she had done and forwarded all of the emails I received from other shoppers to the scheduler. I did not even receive a thank you from the scheduler for forwarding every single email to her.

Fast forward two months, this same scheduler issued a citation because I cancelled a shop a week before it was due. I offered to reschedule, but she cancelled it instead. Anyway, when I saw the citation, I sent her an email reminding her of the email fiasco and all I had done to make sure she received all of those emails and asked her to please remove the citation and she did!

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