Stericycle Gas Stations

I've been doing these almost a year now and I know that some gas stations it says do not have a public bathroom on the property details section about the shop, but then you go to the station and it does have the bathroom. I've done this one station now three times in eight months, each time saying it has a bathroom, and the inside pictures of it, but it is never updated. It's not a hidden bathroom. It's right there on the side of the station with a clean sign that says restrooms.

Should I just stop bothering that this, other stations like it really do have a bathroom? I imagine something that doesn't help matters is another shopper goes to the location, and sees no bathroom in the property details, so they don't even bother looking then say it doesn't. It's frustrating not to see it updated. Why bother evaluating it?

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I empathize with your frustration.
I suspect that keeping your own sense of integrity and providing a full report by including the restrooms that the MSC says do not exist, even though it may never effect a change, will provide greater satisfaction for you personally and the consolation of a completely clear conscience.
I've been doing the same location for years and the information has never been updated. But even stranger, was one today that had a restroom the last time I was there a few months ago, but now does not have a public restroom according to a poorly worded sign on the front door. Stericycle says most of the locations I shop do not have a restroom, but most do. I'm more concerned with reporting that a location does not have drug paraphernalia or adult sophisticates when they do! Since I've never been into the drug culture, I'm sure there are some super secret codes to indicate that the location does sell the stuff and I just am not aware of it. I don't know how carefully this company compares current reports to old ones, if at all, but it's best to be honest in the report.
It is up to the location, whether or they want to owned up having a public bathroom. The report makes an allotment for the results. Most gas stations owners don't want the public using the same bathroom they use. So there is nothing to update for these gas stations are within city limits. If you need to use a restroom, you go to a restaurant or MickeyDees not the nearest gas station. You report what YOU find. smiling smiley

BTW ------->you would know drug paranephila or adult sophistates, if you saw it. Even blindfoldedgrinning smiley

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