I miss Chipotle shops

Especially now they've raised their prices yet again. Their app sucks. And my location's pick-up is awful. They need a mystery shop program now more than ever.

That is all. Just needed to tell someone who would understand smiling smiley

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Yes, I miss them, too. I cant count the number of times theyve screwed up an online order.
I would probably eat there again if I could do it for free or get paid to do it.. But back in the day, I did so many Chipotle shops that I got kind of burned out, I haven't eaten there since I quit doing their mystery shops.
I did an online order 1x. I was disappointed at the portion sizes. I felt they "cheated" me since I wasn't there watching them assemble. I won't do an online order again even with the marketing promos they offer at times in their app.

I did shop them for awhile a long time ago and then I got burnt out and felt it was too much effort, so I stopped doing them. I did not like having to get everyone's name/description and it can move so fast down the line. I guess it stressed me out. I liked it so much better when it was a slower time and maybe only 1 or 2 people touched the food all the way down the line.

Heck, Chipotle can afford to mystery shop their brand. If Panda Express, JITB, Carl's/Hardees, 5 guys, Sonic can mystery shop, then Chipotle can too. Even if they only do 1 or 2 visits for the month per store (should do more), but still, it's something that should be done. But I think Chipotle will expect data like they got with those old reports and the companies out there now are not as detailed for that type of report.
I was unhappy with much of Chipotle's offerings before the MS program ended. I haven't been back since the program ended and don't miss any of their food except for their corn salsa. Just picturing that golden yellow salsa makes me smile.
I put the reports from Chipotle and Blaze in the same annoying category but I loved both their foods so much I continued to do them. Now it hurts every time I have to shell out $11 or so for a meal. I wish they both would came back to mystery shopping. I find my local Blaze allows all sorts of no nos. Almost every crust has holes or big dents or something wrong with it. I agree ( for both of these companies ) you just do not get the same on an online order.
The Blaze closest to me closed its doors permanently and I was not surprised or sorry. More often than not, they burned the bottom of their pizzas to the point where most of the bottom was solid black. I used to buy pizzas there not on shops as a treat to some medical staff I knew. They often burned the bottom even when I asked them to be careful. They did not bother to check before serving the burnt pizzas. I stopped going after a few times.
I was burned out on Chipotle when the program ended. I used to do up to 6 a month, and would get at least 2 meals out of each Burrito Bowl. I was sad to see the money go away but I really needed a break from the food. Now I pay for the food maybe 2 times a year. I have done the online orders, never again now that the restaurants are reopened to dine in/walk in orders. I don't think you even get a full scoop of any given ingredient, there was so little food. When I first went back I could not shut off the shopper in me, I have since. LoL.

Blaze Pizza Reports were unnecessarily annoying, but I enjoyed the food. I have been back once since the program ended. I caught myself looking for the employee names. LoL. This was an a location that did not even exist when the program was running. LoL.

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper

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I do kinda miss them, but I don't miss the MSC themselves or trying to set the shops up.
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