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SunnyDays2 Wrote:
> Savana23 Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Good evening,
> >
> > No problems to speak of, I like STN. One
> > scheduler keeps posting this one $5. shop, it
> is
> > close to me, and I love the donuts so I will do
> > it. I did it once a month for a couple of
> months
> > and now the scheduler says it is every 60 days.
> > However, the scheduler keeps posting and no one
> > ever takes it. I have decided, I am not going
> to
> > apply for a $5. assignment since one manager
> > tells me this shop is done twice a month per
> > shopper and the scheduler says once every 60
> days.
> > Sometimes I will do a job for near to nothing
> if
> > the scheduler can't get anyone, basically
> because
> > the company treats me well, pays on time and
> will
> > work a problem out. However, I guess this
> > scheduler just doesn't want 'me' to do it. So
> no
> > problem, I will not do that again.
> It's $10.00, not $5.00 and it's ONE of my most
> favorite shops. Delicious donuts! That's (5+5
> Reimb.)

Maybe so, however where I live it doesn't cost exactly $5. Still under $10. No problem anymore. I don't do them. Thanks.

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Truthfully, it's not as hard as it seems. I started off like everyone else with just a few MSCs and as more were added I developed a system that works for me. A spreadsheet keeps track of the companies and their payment terms while Roboform and Google Chrome save all my passwords. I also break down companies into categories in my favorites like "self-assign" and "application." Companies that don't have job boards are in a different folder since there is no point in ever checking their sites and then there are some I will never work for unless they call with a bonus so they have their own folder.

Actually I think many people have developed much better systems. Mine was created before finding a mystery shoppers community. After hearing about the MS Bible and Flash's spreadsheet I considered changing. I've just been doing it the same way too long and if it ain't brokesmiling smiley If I was starting out now I would definitely take advantage of some of the other methods.

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Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
Well a new experience with STN that has placed a damper on my feelings about this MSC! They take forever to respond to email and questions! That is really bad business practices to me. Really? 3 weeks!
I think it depends on the individual scheduler. Mine is great and always responds within a few hours if not sooner. Sometimes even on the weekends which always surprises me.
To the original poster:

If your poor grammar and lack of capitalization are any indication of your reporting, I can't exactly say that I blame STN for deactivating your account.

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I've been shopping with STN for a couple of years and have never had any problems with them. To my knowledge, the doughnuts shops were always 60 days rotation in this area. I know that when I've tried to schedule them quicker than that, the system wouldn't let me do it. Loved the Toasty subs, but the location closest to me closed:-( I do agree that their pay could be higher on some of their shops, but they do pay on time.
nanabelle Wrote:
> havent seen toasty subs either...

I haven't seen them since September.... Wish they would come back...
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