CORI payments early!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my payment already showing up in my bank account this morning for my CORI shops! All is forgiven for their delayed payments the week before last!

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I have no idea. I have been to the UK many times, but I did not go there to mystery shop! You can go on "live chat" and ask them though.
walex Wrote:
> Hi sun&fun,
> Does Cori have mystery shopping assignment in the
> UK ?

If you sign up with them, you can view what is available in your area...
Mine shows up today as pending for tomorrow.

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Mine is pending but available.

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nanabelle Wrote:
> what dates did you guys do these shops? I have a
> few from 6-28 not paid or pending yet.

shops from 6-28 wouldnt be paid til the 12th at the earliest...

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thanks techman01.....I was just wondering as the poster said about payments being early...i was getting excited!!!!
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