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Does anyone know how long it takes to get paid by About Face? I did a job for them the first week in Oct and haven't been paid yet.


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You can use the Search feature and find discussion regarding AF payments. It can be two months or longer; and sometimes an inquiry is in order.

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Click on the e-mail link on the Prophet page next to your payment information. They respond quickly.
I have already heard from Heather at About Face. She said I would be paid the 19th. She said she read it on here.

Thanks for your replies.
Heather said she read what here?

From AF's site: "PLEASE NOTE: We are experiencing delays in the processing of payments due to a change of the financial system we use. If it has been more than 45 days from the date of your shop submission and you do not find it here, please email us at payables@aboutfacecorp.com. Please be sure to include your name and the date of your shop. We look forward to assisting you further."

This message has been on their site at least two months.
Mawmaw, you should take your real name out of your profile. Stick with an alias in internet spaces.

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Dee makes a very good point, Mawmaw. Mystery shoppers should stay anonymous everywhere possible, especially the net.

Recently here, Heather's feedback has been sought in her ambassador position for AF regarding payment matters.
There is a place on their website, just before you log in, to click and see when your payment is scheduled. If it is past that date, you can email them. They have been slow with the past couple of payments, but are very nice if you email them.
At least, About face are ladies and gentlemen. They will respond and are not trying to beat us shoppers. They happen to, in my humble opinion, respect their people. I have done hundreds of shops for them, argued with them when I felt that they were doing something incorrectly and appreciated it when they agreed with my criticism and thanked me for my input. It was actually like doing business in the real world with caring people. An unusual situation.
They are very reliable when it comes to payments I have done several shops for them in my area!
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