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I have had all kinds of problems getting responses from schedulers for this company.

First of all when you request a shop they never seem to actually schedule it... its funny you see the same shop sitting on their board for weeks. They get to the point where they have to bonus the shop to get it completed. Yet I know that 3-4 people have all applied for the shop.

So my latest issue with them is I applied for a shop 4 weeks ago. I didn't hear from them, the deadline for the shop passed and I forgot about the shop. A week ago I was given the shop 3 days before the new deadline. Of course I was busy and I couldn't possibly complete the shop.

I emailed the scheduler that assigned the shop from summit scheduling. I contacted the company through the "contact" link on the website. I heard nothing back. Two days later I tried again, both the scheduler and directly through the company. Still nothing back.

Has anyone else had any luck communicating with this company? Or are the schedulers working for this company just worthless?

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It sounds like your scheduling issues are more with the scheduling company and not the actual MSC. I prefer to work directly with the MSC reps but that is not always possible.
Well I tried to contact the MSC directly as well and haven't heard anything either. So its kinda from both of them.
If the MSC outsources their scheduling duties to a 3rd party scheduling company, the MSC probably won't respond to your emails. That is why they pay money to the 3rd party scheduling company.
Years ago they used to handle their own scheduling and it was a really cool company to work with because they had nutty and fun off-the-wall shops. I have pretty much given up on that MSP because even though I always received high scores, Summit has never scheduled me one of their shops. It makes me wonder just how well Summit is going to do with the large volume of shops they are about to get from IPSOS. At least those will apparently be self assign.
Hi shoppers, let me clarify a few things here. Summit was not scheduling the shops for most of the summer. Another scheduling company was. We took them back over and cleaned up the mess (we used to have them, then they used someone else, then came back to us).

The shops are posted on the job board but assigned behind the scenes, so there's no Sassie acceptance email - the email confirmation comes directly from the scheduler. So in essence, the posts on the board are for recruiting purposes.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at


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