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I have done a few last year. They are pretty easy. I have one scheduled now that I will do tomorrow. The pay is decent for the amount of work. Check a couple of rooms and take some pictures. The guidelines are straightforward.
I'm scheduled to do what appears to be the same About Face hotel shop Kristie6923 describes above. However, I've got questions about two of the shop requirements. I've emailed the scheduler but don't expect to receive an answer until tomorrow, and the shop is tomorrow as well.

The guidelines state to conduct the visit between 9am & 5pm, but they also include a reference to "work hours" of 8:40pm - 11:00pm. The conflict between those times has me confused. Has anyone else run into this?

Also, what does About Face consider to be "Professional dress"? Is presentable business casual acceptable or are they looking for coat & tie? Considering the brand of the hotel I think a coat & tie would be a little out of place, but it's not my call to make.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
As a followup to my own post.... I thought I'd seen a reference to business casual dress but couldn't find it anywhere in the guidelines for the shop. I just did a search on the About Face shopmetrics portal and found three other hotels within 200 miles which have the same survey requirements. The teasers for those shops note "Appropriate business casual attire required." Once the job is assigned to you the teaser is no longer visible, cute.
I think that answers that question for me. They state business casual in one spot and professional dress in the other. I think business casual is professional. smiling smiley
Stick with the guidelines and visit 9am to 5pm. And yes, you did answer your own question about the business casual, it is indeed professional. Khakis and a dress shirt, or similar attire, will be fine.
Oh, also, I would avoid the hours between 10 am to noon, since some people will be checking out, and also avoid the timeframe of 3 pm to 5 pm, as people often are checking in.

Thank you for advising me to avoid the 3-5pm window, because that's when I'd planned to go. I've got a BWW dinner shop scheduled that would tie in quite nicely with the hotel shop if I did it from 3-5. Oh well! I can take a book and kill time people watching at the mall if I have to.
Check the hotel website and see what time their check in time is . it may be that your location is 4 pm not 3.
Just once I want to do a mystery shop that states professional attire in the the attire specific to my profession. EMT pants, polo shirt with logo, sh*t kicker boots. Or my other profession where I dress in a minister's robe for all official function. (I'm an ordained minister kids, it's okay for me to play with the sacramental clothing.)

Silver certified for 11 years and happily shopping Arizona!
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