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Has anyone done one of these? I did one yesterday. I followed the instructions using the telephone number and codes I was given and after entering the information, the automated system stated "Your call will now be recorded". Well, it didn't. I feel as though part of the instructions were not included because it says I can listen to the recorded call while completing the survey. However, there are no instructions how to do so.

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Generally with recorded phone calls, you have to close the survey and then wait awhile (minutes to hours) and then reopen the survey. A little speaker symbol will now be present somewhere (near where the dialing instructions appear). You click on the icon, and it will play. Sometimes it shows the start time and the length. Some just show the duration. It depends upon the platform and the system.

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That's not the case here. It never showed up. Plus, there was nothing in the guidelines and instructions to make me aware of that. Again, making me feel like they forgot some pertinent information.
I'm about to do this same assignment. It's my first ever phone shop (believe it or not; I've avoided them because I hate talking on the phone but figured I would try one). I was wondering the exact same thing you were, Kristie.
Funny you should say that tcurione, I hate talking on the phone too. I have done a few $3 car inquiries when I first started shopping and they were not worth it. I took this one since it is $12 and probably wouldn't do one for less than $10. I'm waiting to hear back from Confero. We emailed back and forth about it and I was asked to describe the steps I took. I did that yesterday and am waiting to hear from them.
I did one. The recording showed up immediately. I didn't have to logout and log back in . There was an icon in the phone call section. I took this one as it didn't seem like I would have to have a whole life history/story made up. I think back to the funeral call phone shops that I did after my MIL passed. Thought it would be easy as I was going through the process. NOT!
I've since completed the shop and I did get the icon to listen to the recording almost immediately.
Overall, it wasn't too bad. Had to answer a couple questions that they didn't have prepared answers too but fortunately I picked a condition I knew a little bit about.
Just to let you all know, I have a VOIP phone and my call was not recorded. I have Ooma and I made a call three times to check the hours of a company I was shopping and never got the icon showing that my call was recorded. I was so frustrated! I told the scheduler that I had made the call three times and my recording wasn't showing up. There is some kind of problem if you use a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone like Ooma or Vonage.
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