Maritz Reporting Issue

Is anyone else suddenly having problems with uploading more than one photo at once into Maritz reports? It doesn't happen every time, but a lot of the time. If one image isn't finished uploading and I start a second one, the first one will fail and the second one will continue to upload and I'll get an error message that says "An issue occurred uploading the image and it has been removed. Please try to upload the image again."

It's definitely a Maritz issue since the error message is in their window style (with the green border and stuff).

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

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Yes, I am having the same problem. I also had a shop come back with a hold because half the pictures disappeared from a report I submitted. They were there when I hit submit, but apparently not there for the editor...
It takes a couple, maybe up to 5, seconds to upload a photo. I have always waited for it to upload before moving on and haven't been move on to the next question until finished.
I'm in the process of uploading Maritz photos and the upload time was 2 seconds, for what it is worth.
I've had that problem sporodically every since the new website came out. It seems to come and go at random. Often the upload icon will freeze, but the photo loads, requiring a savingand repoening of the the report to be sure. Sometimes the error message appears. In rare cases, like with Megs, the photo appears to have uploaded but the editor does not see it. I think it is on their end. I use Chrome, btw.
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