Anyone have anything good to say about Cirrus Marketing?

I did a nightmare shop for them in May and after 4 attempts at reminding them I have not been paid, I received payment in October.

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It's a pain, but yes their payment schedule runs 90 + days. They have paid me when promised.
I got paid 4 months after performing their shops. Never again.

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
I investigated Cirrus several years ago, BUT, both negative posts and their payment terms were more than enough for me to scratch that MSC from the slightest consideration.
I did one (highly-bonused) shop for them this year, having checked and seen beforehand that their crazy payment policy is 3 months+ -- I followed directions and BILLED them per their written instructions, and was paid promptly per THEIR schedule -- 3 months plus a week or so after doing the shop.

While they did live up to their contract (it clearly states they take at least 3 months to pay), I wouldn't work for this MSC again unless it was again well-bonused - their payment lag time is unreasonable.
I did a one and done.

I don't have time for them to rob Peter to pay Paul.

One good thing is that with their apartment shops they give the targets schedule. Another positive is that their reports are short and easier compared to Ellis or Remington.
They offer large bonuses at times, up to $70 bonus. The lag time for payment is the longest of all the MSCs and you have to fill out a dumb invoice each month you shop. Weird.
They have been my #1 MSC for income for the past several years.

For me, the $$$ makes it worth the long payout period and any additional hassles. The payout period is not that big a deal as I look to mystery shopping to generate additional monthly income. As long as something is coming in each month, I'm good, and I like carrying accounts receivables.

In the past I have had to chase them for payments, but that seems to have gotten better. If there is an issue I simply send the invoice in question to the owner and it gets taken care of.
I did one shop for them when I first started. The shop was easy, as was the report, and I received a high score. I was paid on time, but the wait for payment is much too long. I've considered taking the same shop again when it was bonused, but the wait time always works as a deterrent.
I do like their name though. I guess that being a name like Cirrus is better than Stratus, AltoStratus, or Cirrocumulus.
I haven’t had any problems with them and I consider their schedulers and staff I’ve worked with to be pleasant and professional. Their payment policy can be confusing. I submit my invoice on the first of the month for the prior month’s shops, then again on the dirt of the month when those shops should be paid. It’s a bit of a pain compared to other MSC’s, but it only takes and extra minute and I have it on my calendar.
Their shops are pretty simple and reports are quick (I only do apartment shops for them).
What bugs me about Cirrus (on top of all the complaints) is the fact that I need to submit an invoice to 'remind' them to pay me. It's already in their system, why can't do simply operate like any other MSC? I have not done a job for them in a few years now. I'll probably remove myself from their system sooner or later.
What bugs me is the fact that I have to chase my payment after they have the invoice.

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
If you want to go through hell dealing with a nasty and unprofessional owner of the company, their incompetent accounting, and have them lie and cheat by NOT paying your hard earned money with all kinds of excuses, go ahead and work for this company. Just look at the predominant negative reviews of this company from other shoppers. I have worked for many MSPs, Cirrus Marketing tops the chart as the WORST company to work for. Period!!
Good to know this!

I'm so glad to read this post. I'm slowly signing up for more companies, and I'm on "C" at the moment.

I mystery shopped years ago, and am still "on the roster" and shopping for many of the companies I used to shop I'm "working" now. But many of the companies dropped me after 3 years of inactivity...and I wasn't signed up for many to begin I"m going through the list. Glad to know that Cirrus might be one to skip smiling smiley
PS: The amount of time you will spend on chasing them to pay you long after their promised due date, the time you spend on generating the invoice and following their screwed-up instructions, and the time you'll spend on dealing with them will simply wash out whatever "bonus" you might get from a shop. It is just NOT worth your time and will probably hurt your health from being so frustrated and anxious dealing with a nightmare company like this.
Honestly, I think that their accounting strategy is to wait as long as possible, beyond the reach of most shoppers' short-term memory, until the majority of us either tire out or forget about getting paid. It sucks, and therefore I deactivated from them a loooooong time ago.
A great thing about Cirrus:
They provide a wonderful example of the power of this forum. As the more experienced shoppers collectively have stated their difficulties, it has saved others, such as myself, the hassle of even bothering with them in the first place.
I love their name because it is easy to remember and I am unlikely to confuse it with another company. It's like a big warning sign, akin to a skunk's stripes and a porcupine's quills. Cirrus Marketing, you say? 10-foot pole, I say.
This is just a happy reminder that if you did any work for Cirrus over the summer, you should have been paid by now. They missed my $500, so I am chasing payment again. Alas.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Don't they have the ridiculous big-box furniture company (where you put it together yourself)? That was my first 10 ft pole shop from reading this forum!

Kona Kathie
@Niner - You should have been pd about a week ago for your August shop. Are you on PayPal? Use this: Despite what other ppl say, I have had no issue. They have pd me when they said they would pay me.
I shopped for them a couple of years ago, and as everyone else states, getting paid is a pain in the neck. It is a shame that they work this way, and isn’t it amazing that they are still in business? Their payment scheme certainly seems to be one of avoidance and manipulation. Three months before a payment is not at issue, what I find unacceptable is the need to chase them for that payment. It took me multiple emails to get my payment. Since this behavior is a common complaint, it tells me this CIRRUS does not respect my effort and in fact hopes they will never need to pay me. Predatory behavior of this type should not be rewarded so I won’t shop for them again. All shoppers should boycott them until they pay as promised without reminders.
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