Anyone have anything good to say about Cirrus Marketing?

@Niner and @ksurmann:

Have you submitted your invoices? You won't get paid if you have not submitted invoices in accordance with Cirrus' policies. (They have a special form to send out and email to If you have done so, I suggest that you submit them again and cc Monnie Howard (the owner) at I have had to chase payment several times for them, but have always had an immediate response from Monnie when I have emailed her.

Note, as mentioned above, they do have very slow pay schedule - the slowest I have seen in the industry. As of last week folks should have been paid for their September 2018 shops.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.

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Yes. I am absolutely meticulous about submitting my invoice on time. I keep a copy of every submitted invoice when I used to work for this notorious company because they failed to pay almost every single time. I need proof to show that I submitted the invoice on time with full accuracy. Amazing they don't even send an email reply after 5 months of non-payment! Several times when I finally called them up and was able to reach a live person ( after waiting a painful 5-6 months, they told me they forgot to pay me. When I politely asked why, the lady from the Accounting gal simply said "Well, things fall through the cracks sometimes". The problem is, "things" fall through the crack with this company EVERY SINGLE TIME! If their shop report were any simpler or if their owner was half-way decent and not so mean, AND if their accounting (Accounts Payable folks) for once had their act together, I would have considered picking up some of their bonuses shops. But you have to be a sadistic person who enjoys to repeated torturing yourself to be willing to work for this shady (to put it in a nice way) and extremely unprofessional company again.

Fool Me Once, Shame on You! Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me!

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Ugh. I have a shop I did for them in November that still hasn't been paid. I did three in January. I guess I'll have to fight for it....

I did submit my invoice for November in December, so I was planning on "waiting" for my pay, but maybe I should start to contact them....
Something good to say about Cirrus? Well they are from California and thats a nice place to be from. Of course, a state as large as CA has its share of bad things too.

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