Today's Intellishop Payment

I just received mine and it seems to be a duplicate of two months ago when I did a bunch of shops for them. This month's shop payment should have only been $49, not $414. Anyone else?

I can't find contact info for them to get a live person.

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Maybe they gave you your Christmas bonus!

Lol, but in all seriousness, mine was f*cked up too. I did a bunch of shops for their Orange Paint client and should have gotten a few hundred...what did they send me? $30.
Yeah, something definitely went fubar. I got $8 for a go-see photo shop I did 3 months ago.

My pay was wrong also - I'm glad I checked out the forum and saw others have the same issue! What typically happens in these cases? Do they fix themselves or do we need to notify the scheduler(s) for the October shops we completed?
Oh man.. im still waiting on payment! Should be interesting considering everyone elses experience today lol
Considering this is probably the worst MSC out there and the fact that it can take two days for one of three schedulers to reply to an "URGENT NEED AUTO SHOP DONE ASAP" email you reply to...I'd say we'll be lucky if they pay us by Christmas.
They just sent out emails to please refund it so they can issue the correct amounts.

Edited to note: They can't credit it to our balances owed, and they explain how to refund their payments... although I don't see the option in the payment section like I would when someone uses eBay or Etsy.


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Ugh. I already transferred it to my bank. I was sitting on my couch when it came through, and I just transferred it, intending to reconcile my records later tonight. Now I have to figure out how to deal with it at my bank.... going into a holiday.
I had trouble finding the refund option on my phone, but eventually got it. Go to the payment detail from today's transfer. Then there is a link for Intellishop in the details - click that, and it takes you to another summary. Find today's payment, click "details" on the right, and an "issue refund" link should be visible.
Yes, I received a small amount in paypal and sent it to my bank...this was for Sept., and this could be messy, getting it back to them. I could find the refund option on the site, but also contacted them. You didn't get payment as they sent it to wrong people.

Live consciously....
Log in to paypal first and then use this link. It should auto populate to your individual account. Once you are there, it will show all of your interactions, but go to 11/20/2018 and select the "details" next to todays Intellishop payment. It will redirect and you should see midway down the page 'Issue refund?" with a big blue Question Mark.


Every time I click on the "details" link of the transaction, I get an error message that it is missing the transaction ID and it takes me back to the previous page.
@kathygry wrote:

Every time I click on the "details" link of the transaction, I get an error message that it is missing the transaction ID and it takes me back to the previous page.

Use the following link - it isn't tied to anything and will automatically redirect you with your own account details. It's just the old school paypal format. []

Then select details from that page next to your intelli transaction. It will take you to another page that has the refund option - hopefully. Big blue question mark mid-way down.

There is no refund button. Plus they actually issued 29 separate payments, one for each job completed.
This would be sooooo much easier to deal with if they did not start sending an individual payment for each shop! One payment to refund would be so much easier! WHY?! Go back to a single payment for all the shops PLEASE!
Honestly, f*ck this company. They're sending an *urgent* email to us to send back the money they stupidly sent us, but hold our real payments hostage and haven't paid other shoppers in this thread at all?

Shows where their priorities are. If you guys want to class-action them, count me in. Legally speaking, they can't hold our payments hostage for something they f*cked up.

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I/m having the same problem as Whiterosie. There is no "issue refund" link when I go to the detail. I tried the chat with PP and they told me to call. There is a 1.5 hour wait. So, now I have to wait until they call me back.
I was paid $175, for shops I don't think I did, or it's double payments for shops I've already been paid.
Update: I had to have Paypal issue the refund. They weren't able to tell me why that link wasn't showing. I tried three different browsers. If you are having an issue, you will probably have to call Paypal. What a pain!!!!
There is no refund link on PayPal. I think they have to contact PayPal and ask for a refund on each payment. It's up to them to correct this with PayPal.
Hmm, didn't receive any payments today for my pizza shops in October, but they show "PAYMENT PENDING" on sassie.

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If you can't find the refund link, you will have to contact PayPal like kathygry suggested. My experience is there has always been a way for me to issue the refund. Regardless, it is up to you to refund the money. There are limits to recalling payments after they have been sent.

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There's an hour and a half wait on PayPal? So now it's up to US to correct the company's mistake?
Hahahahaha karma for them.

No way I’d sit on hold for 90 minutes to refund a payment for them. Let them figure it out. I’d let myself have a credit towards the next round of shops.

So glad I rarely work for this bottom feeder company anymore.
Jaymo, genius, followed your instructions and did a did showi Error for not finding ID or something but I could see all payments details...

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Karma! They did not refund me for one of those fast food shops because the location told me they do not take orders from the app. Mind you, my credit card was charged! Intellishop ignored my emails about this issue.
I wonder what happens if we do not refund the money at all.
^Honestly, f*ck 'em. What are they going to do about it? You didn't "steal" anything, they sent you the money. At the very least, make them dispute and argue it to Paypal or send you demand letters to high heaven. Make them work to get it back. Let them see what kind of BS work we do for the 6 rating because their idiot scheduler "needed something clarified", all for garbage pay.

Eventually someone from IntelliShop, whether it be a scheduler, editor, or (hopefully) management/ownership in the company, will read this thread.

If you're reading this, IntelliShop, no one likes you. I don't like you, and you're just about the only MSC I'd ever say all these things about, and I'm sure most of the other people posting in this thread would say the same. Now, think about it, why do you think everybody hates you? If everyone feels a certain way about you, the problem probably isn't them, it's you.
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