I Secret Shop Doesn't Read the Report?

I just got an email saying that ISS will not pay me for my shop because the receipt was from the wrong store.
When I was at the shop, the team member told me that their credit card machine was down. She said that they were using the credit card machine from the shop next door because the owner owns both shops. When I said I needed a paper receipt, she said she could not provide one and that the only receipt I could get was through email or text. Then, she told me the receipt would say it was from the other shop as well.
Should I have cancelled my shake order right then and there and walked out? All because I could not have a receipt? Wouldn't that have given me away?
I explained all of this when writing my report. I also explained it in the section where I attached the receipt. It was fully explained because I did not want any trouble.
So, they have my report, but they will not pay me because the store itself would not provide the receipt in the format I needed it. I hate doing shops where you have to use your own money because things like this happen and you can't do anything about it!

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Have you tried disputing it? Contacting your scheduler? I would be upset as well.

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I took all of the required photos and submitted them. This was specifically about the receipt being from the wrong shop.
If you have the location on your camera, they should be able to go under details of the picture(s) and see that you were in the correct place.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
@kimmysue wrote:

I took all of the required photos and submitted them. This was specifically about the receipt being from the wrong shop.

Yea when things go as planned I follow the guidelines. When things don't, I use good judgment to protect myself. An extra photo isn't much for me.
ISS is a listing platform. The MSC is rejecting your report. When I have identified discrepancies with a receipt, I make sure to notate the problems in my report. I've had address, client name and even time discrepancies. Sometimes the MSC questions the issue without reading my report thoroughly. I inform them that I did document the discrepancy as well as repeat back what happened. Luckily this has never resulted in any of my shops being rejected.

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I would have canceled my order and contacted the MSP right away, because they would let you know. They also have a ticket system, which is what I'd use for immediate issues. They've been very helpful in the past for problems such as these. Good luck!

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I would asked her to handwrite a receipt for me and then went outside and took a picture of the building. On my way out I would have also asked for a To Go paper menu. Many times those have the address of the location. My mindset is always, "What if they can't provide me with a receipt?" I always tell them in a worried voice that my Boss is paying for this and I MUST get a receipt or I will get in trouble. This works 100% of the time. They either write one out or they fix the problem with the register. tongue sticking out smiley
Well, all of these recommendations were helpful for the future. I will not be going back to that store again, but I will remember your recommendations for the future. I did go back the next morning and ask the scheduler what I should have done, but he never responded to me. Thank you all.
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