Who to conatct at Ipsos about a Hold Pay?

Hey All;

I did a whole slew of the Ipsos shops that require that you visit a small store and make a purchase on a route... Most of these (dozens) went through with no issues -- although a few of these (that were at assigned locations) were at businesses that were permanently closed. When this happened, I marked the location as closed in the survey, and submitted a picture, as well as a description.

Well, I was paid for all of the completed shops, but each "closed location" has a "hold pay" on it, and they've re-listed them on the job board. I never received an e-mail from an editor, and when I reached out to the (Summit) scheduler, she told me to look for an e-mail from the editor... I went through spam and everything -- I received nothing. I replied to her and told her I received nothing... and got no reply. I reached out to another (Summit) scheduler, and she said she'd love to help -- but they aren't her shops, so she can't touch them.

I can't find any contact info on Ipsos's site for these projects... although it says "contact us" under the hold pay.

Does anyone have good contact info for them? I rarely have issues with these shops (and I do tons when they come up) -- although I did notice that I had the same thing happen last year when one of the stores were closed as well (during their posted business hours)... but I must have forgotten about it or didn't catch it. This is only like $40, which is very small compared to what I bring in when I route these -- but I feel if a location is permanently (or temporarily closed during their hours) I should be compensated for visiting in some way -- especially if the form implies that I should submit proof that it was closed.


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I did a route of these also. I shopped a store I believed to be 'local' and was not on their list of excluded. The report was declined and I emailed the editor asking to reshop another location. (I was allowed to choose the location) The editor forwarded my email to the scheduler, I also emailed the general mailbox and was told that email was forwarded to the scheduler. I never heard back. Oh well, $8 pay and $10 reimbursement.
Here are the email addresses that my email was forwarded to...(but no response)

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota

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