Perturbed... EPMS Scheduler

I won't name a name, but... This got my goat this morning...

I do more shops for EPMS than anybody else. I mean, I do a LOT of shops for EPMS...... On Friday, I was sent an email asking me (it was personally addressed to me, anyway) if I could do a shop ASAP that was a four hour round trip drive from my house. It asked "What would it take to get you to do this shop?" I said that it was a four-hour round trip, it was the holidays and that my first grandchild was due any day - all very true. I said that I'd pick it up for $300. I felt like this was low, more than anything.

I got a response from the scheduler today that I found rather rude. First, it forwarded the request to a project manager with the message, "Wanna approve this one? LOL." Second the response directly to me was, "Thank you for your interest in this shop.... The clients generally don't approve bonuses this high."

First: "LOL" They asked me to name a price. A 4-hour round trip between Christmas and New Years Day should demand a high bonus. Plus, if you are going to have the snark, keep it internal. There is no reason to let me see it.

Second, They asked me to name a price. I did. If they didn't want to pay much, they shouldn't be asking somebody that far away - especially over the holidays. Plus, the should not be asking me to name a price.

Third, the clients don't approve bonuses. That's what EPMS does. I'm fine if the MSC does not want to pay what it would take to get me somewhere. But to blame it on the client is poor.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.

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I agree - I did feel like i was giving a low offer.. (I would have picked up a few other shops on the trip, so it would not have been only $300.) I just didn't appreciate the snark.


Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
MF, first, CONGRATS on the grandbaby!

I would not have caught the fact that the bonus was not issued by the client. That was a good catch on your part.

I agree, that was in bad taste on their part. You regularly work for them. From now on, your bonuses should be $20 higher.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Congrats on the baby...first no money should be more important than being at your grandchild's birth, you'll make it up at a later date. What a great New Years present, a Grandbaby, lucky you...smiling smiley They did you a favor.

Live consciously....
Well... all that and, today, I got a call from a different MSC and was offered three gas stations with a (combined) $500 incentive that I would not have been able to take if I had taken the apartment. Good Karma, perhaps?

Side note: No granddaughter yet....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
One door closes, and another opens......won't it be fun if you have a New Years Eve Grandaughter!!
Thank them for showing their true colors......

Live consciously....

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I'm sorry...too much New Year's celebration, I guess, but I keep reading this as "PMS Scheduler", and giggling..........
I just did a first shop for EPMS and I was disturbed to find out that they ask for the Leasing Agent's EYE COLOR. The detail that they ask for (eye color of leasing agent; furniture arrangement and color in the model unit that was shown) was not in the guidelines, I don't think....or I really missed it.
That aside, I certainly hope that you get to welcome your grand baby SOON!! How exciting and wonderful!
They aren't always the most tactful. However, I think they usually try to be fair. Sorry, about the problem.
Congratulations on your first grandchild! I would find "LOL" to be unprofessional and I would feel underappreciated. Do not take it personally, you know...

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I hate EPMS and won't shop for them anymore. Targeted shops, too much ridiculous detail wanted, etc. YMMV. But we should all try to sign up for more companies so we can kick companies like EPMS to the curb.

Kona Kathie
I actually love EPMS. I was just frustrated with the one experience.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I will only do shops for EPMS if they are decently bonused. The reports take too long for just their base pay.

@wrosie wrote:

I will only do shops for EPMS if they are decently bonused. The reports take too long for just their base pay.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I just had my first not-so-positive experience with this company. Video shop for $100 since it was bonused. The equipment was to be delivered the day before the shop (which was a one-plus-hour drive away, so I took the day off work). Lo and behold, the equipment was never shipped despite me providing driver's license and mailing address--twice. No replies from scheduler or video equipment guy for the last two days when I emailed to inquire about the tracking number or confirmation of shipment. There is a $75 cancellation fee leveled against the shopper if they don't do the shop on the agreed-upon day. I requested this $75 fee since they cancelled on me. No response. I find it all very odd.
my first with Ellis asked the same personal tall....weight range.....i did not ind those questions in the order....
I haven't worked for them since my first job with them about 11 years ago...some companies including Cirrus just aren't worth the hassle. Happy to say I can count on one hand those that fit into this group. Sometimes it doesn't matter how many jobs you do for them (like people) they are who they are. #take the bad with the good

Live consciously....

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I am doing my first apartment shop (not video) with EPMS tomorrow (Wednesday). It looks like a lot of information to know before going there. I call into a recorded number and it says that it will show a number that isn't mine. What do I say to them when they ask about that number. I know I am suppose to give them my real number but not sure what to say to them. What if I can't reach my contact at all tomorrow? What do I say when a different person answers, or can I just hang up? Any more tips would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm sure it will be easier after my first shop but I'm kind of nervous because I want to do a good job. Thank you.

1. Yes, EPMS shops are a bit of work. They are not for everybody.
2. If they ask about the strange number, play dumb. You have no idea what that number is.
3. If different folks answer, EPMS does not want you to just hang up. Instead, ask a question that will immediately preclude the community from being able to help you. For instance, if the community only offers one and two bedroom apartments, ask for a thee bedroom apartment. Or, if you know that they don't have a swimming pool, ask as soon as they answer if they have a pool. You can ask if the apartment is walking distance from a certain landmark/area, knowing full well that it's not. You can ask for somebody besides your target and say that you must have dialed the number wrong when s/he is not there. Etc.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I'm trying to find a voice recording app on my android phone that will record my whole in person conversation with them. I installed one but it shuts off after a couple of minutes. Any suggestions?
The EPMS number does that for you - and, yes, you can listen to it.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Do you find that the pay for their apartment shops is incredibly low for the time it takes to set the appt with the target, go do the shop and the report which is so LONG and seems to ask the same questions over and over?
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