HS Brands Mystery Shopping pay schedule

Hello does anyone that works for HS Brands tell me how long it takes to be paid by them? I think they are the longest paying company I have ever worked for.

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I've been receiving my payment at the end of each month. Last month, I was paid on the 25th.

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You're welcome. The one thing I've learned about HS Brands is their pay will always be made. I've never had an issue getting paid. I don't have to chance my payment. I can't speak for everyone but, as for me, I've never had an issue.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Ok so do u know if I did shops in November when i should get paid for them? I also did some shops the beginning of this month but I had not expected to get paid from them until next month. I am just unclear aa to how they pay.
I have also never had an issue and just got a DD today.

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I've done jobs at the end of the month and didn't get paid until 60 days, it skipped a month. But, when I do them early in the month, I usually get paid in 30 days.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Ok thanks for the tip. I will try to make sure I schedule my shops with them at the beginning of the month.
consider yourselves lucky in italy pay 90 days after the closure of the project, in fact me and 2 other people have immediately stopped :-)
You can see that for the Italian market they have a different policy, I with the area manager made it clear that for me 90 days after the project is completed are too many, I prefer to spend my energy with those who pay me the 20th of the next month for everything I produced from the 1st to the end of the month. I have an average vote with all companies ranging from 9.65/10 to 10/10 , I work well and I expect to be paid in the short term
Did anyone get paid for the shops they did in October? I'm still not paid and have not heard anything from the scheduler. I did the shop on 10/31.
I did 4 shops in November and 2 in December and I have not been pay yet

When I did a shop for them a while back I was paid with in 30 days. I guess since it was a holiday I thought it might take a little longer
I still haven't received payment for the coffee shops I did in early November.

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I came back to correct my posts above. Since this has been posted, I am seeing that it's taking longer to get paid. Right now, my pay is two months behind. I just got paid for November and it's January. I am still owed for December. I thought I would be paid both November and December this time around but, it didn't happen. So, my guess is they are paying every 60 days?

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.

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I don't' know about now, but last year I was paid within 6 weeks of my shop. Hope it is the same this year as I just completed 3 shops for them with a cash outflow of $63!
They only paid me for 3 shops from dec 3rd and dec 6th...they still owe me for 4 more shops from dec 7th....i swear if i have to wait until march to get money from dec shops i will NEVER do another shop fot them.
Still waiting to get paid for a December 14, 2018 shop. It's not even showing up as pending. They seem to take longer and longer to pay these days.
Yeah they will definitely be at the bottom of the companies i shop for. They take entirely too long to pay.
HS brands pay schedule I think depends on the client. I completed an oil change shop for them a few months ago and I believe it took just over 45 days to get paid.
My three December shops are now showing as payment pending. So another day or two to get paid!
My November shops still don't show as paid on their site but were paid via PayPal 1/13. I didn't do any December shops for them.
I'm on Day 71 and have still not been paid. I've called to question this and they say they have purchased other companies and are trying to merge the accounting systems so are behind.

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Thanks for the update, pambam. My December shops showed pending payment a few days ago. Now they don't and still waiting payment. One shop is from Dec. 14.
They are slow to pay, that's for sure. I sent an email asking for their pay schedule and it is anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. I did two where I had to put out $$ and will probably not do them ever again. Easy shops but too long to receive reimbursement.
If you do a shop the first half of February, you are paid the end of March. The second half of Feburary and you are paid the end of April -- UPDATE. This is incorrect. I did 2 shops Feb 2nd and 4th and still have not been paid - going on 75 days now.

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