Ipsos.Failed certification

Hi all..

New to ipsos.
I applied for one of the mailing shops and was assigned the shop. I failed the certification. Should I go ahead and shop it?

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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E-mail the scheduler. For one, she can probably reschedule the shop, and for two, she can tell you what to do about failing the certification (I think reset it for you to retake it).

There is a very tricky question in the certification. I URGE you to print out all the information and have it in front of you as you take the test. Like an "open book" exam.

(No, don't do the shop until you've passed the certification.)

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Thanks cease..for the input..im very close to passing..just can't figure out which one is messing me up.

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
Call your scheduler, this just happened to me, and Amy called and helped with my wrong answer...did the jobs today and all was well. They are willing to help, but do not do it before passing.

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I always find one or two questions frustrating... The questions and information about the menu boards are not always aligned. Some of the pictures of things you have to identify are not real clear. I typically miss one question every time I take the thing and have to figure out which one it is.

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Thanks so much everyone. Reached out to ipsos and is fixed now. On one of the more simpler questions, I kept accidentally choosing the wrong answer.

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

Have you used all of the attempts? If so just reach out to them.

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
I find that some of the questions can only be answered by someone who has already done the shop or by guessing correctly. I do not remember which one it is but the answer is not in the guidelines at all.
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