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Has anyone heard of Movie Measure - trailer checking? I do checks for two companies. Never heard of this one and it’s not listed on the official list below.

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Googled and nothing comes up, are you sure that is the correct msc name???
And has anybody ever done cinema shops for Imyst???
The other checker told me she was checking for Movie Measure. She was surprised to see me - said she has never seen anyone else checking. Weird, since I am at that theater just about every Friday. Of course, she could have given me a fake name.
It very likely was fake name and she does not want to tell you the company real name fearing you will steal her work. Had to be either Verites or Certified only, Checker Patrol does not do trailer checks at this time.
Must have been a very short Google search. The first result was Market Force, the second result was their Linkedin page, the third was their home page.


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Certified is a division of Market Force. Movie Measure is an app based company for theater checking and standee installations. Found it in the App store and they do have a Facebook page.
Hello! I work for Movie Measure and would be glad to provide more information. Please like our Facebook page and send us any questions. We have trailer checks and installations available nationwide. I look forward to hearing from you!

Also, the founders also made MovieQu; the app is the Shazam of movies.
Here is their But you cannot open it's just one page with contacts and vague information.
Hello. I am the co-founder and really appreciate the feedback here. We are in the process of changing the website to be easier for sign up and even assignment identification. I will post back here so you know when that is available. In the interim, please email us at with MysteryShop as a title and we will ensure to get back you. You can also download our app (IOS and Android) and that will auto add you to our email list. Thanks, Rakesh
We will be making sure we perform some SEO (search engine optimization) so we appear first for our own name. Thanks for the feedback.
Hello. We are checking in almost all areas across Canada and the US. It is determined by the movies we are asked to audit but if you live close to any of the major movie chains then there is a strong chance that you’d be needed!

Can you tell me which theaters are close to you? Thanks!
Oh one thing to add. You’ll soon be able to view the available assignments yourself. Will post here when that’s released.
Hello. I sent an email via your website, but I haven't heard back. Should I also send the email to the above email address? I didn't want to piggy back.
Hello Chickster. Sorry for the missed email. Please email us when you are available and I will ensure we respond. Please subject it with the title of this site so we see it. Thank you.
Hello! We have a number of experienced checkers and new ‘shoppers’ too. We also take referrals. Did you sign up already? We have a BIG project Jan 18 Thanks!

Yes, I signed up but wish I knew about your site long before reading about it here.

That is why I am curious to know how other checkers were recruited. Am sure the many
other checkers on this site would also have signed up long ago had they known about your site.
That is something we have been working on. We have a few recruiting tools now, but are expanding on that as much as possible. We welcome your feedback if you have any ideas for us - please feel free to message me!
Hello Marg, please drop us an email with your user name. We can review the test assignment and help you. We are also creating some FAQs that we hope will help with the test assignment instructions too. You can email us at . Thank you!
I've been checking with Market Force but noticed they don't have trailer checks in my area any more. I've signed up with moviemeasure and now done a couple of checks. Went smoothly.
I too noticed Certified has ZERO trailer checks this week which is extremely unusual.
Am assuming that movie-measure may now have signed on Certified's major studio.
Looking forward to my first checks with movie measure hopefully this Friday.
Hi Arch Stanton. I think the same thing. I last did checks for market force in December but nothing since then. It looks like the the studios are shifting to movie measure??? I also emailed the to introduce myself.
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