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In my whole two weeks of doing trailer checks for Movie Measure, I have to say that I’m a huge fan of the app and the way in which it makes the trailer check a one and done experience. Being totally new to this arena, I’ve had a few times where I’ve needed clarification on some things, and I’ve always received a response. My contact has been with the Rakesh, the owner, and Kiesha, one of the schedulers/staff; I’m able to call/text/email them whenever I have a question (within reason, I suppose. I’ve not called them at 3:00 a.m.) and they’ve both made me feel at ease.
I’ve not reached the end of my first pay cycle, so I can’t speak to payment matters. That said, Movie Measure is a newer company, and it seems that from reading prior threads, logistical/administrative issues with payments have been resolved—the same of which cannot be said of a number of companies frequently mentioned on this site over the last decade.


Oh, PS to those of you who do standees: I’m in awe of you. Could one of you folks come over and put together an IKEA dresser I’ve been avoiding assembling? ????
@LindaK wrote:

Your movie company company response is very strange. NO theatre has WiFi, period.

I have done several theaters in malls where the mall had Wifi. It didn't reach all of the screens, but it did reach many.

More to the point, they are looking for any kind of data connection, not just Wifi. IF you can't get a data connection the app will still work, but you will have to ID the trailers manually and upload the results later.
@stormraven73 as always - you are totally correct! The one thing i would add is that you don't need to upload them after. The app will work out when you have service again. At that stage, when you complete the task, the data will be sent in. Happy to explain that more to anyone.
Am I misunderstanding how this works? Shoppers use an app on their phones to do trailer checks? If I were a real life customer in a movie auditorium, I would be very annoyed by someone using their phone during the trailers/previews.
Usually other people are still playing around with their phones during the trailers. I usually choose seats away from customers and when the customers figured out that I am writing the trailers down they do not mind. I usually have to use my phone screen for light while in the screen. I have never had anyone say anything to me about it. I have actually heard a customer talking about me and how quickly I figured out what the trailers were. I have been doing this for at least seven years.
People using their phones during the trailers/previews are, fortunately, an exception rather than the norm here. It is considered to be rude/inconsiderate. Although I have performed movie/trailer-check shops for over 10 years, I would not perform any that required me to use a phone after the trailers/previews started.
The app only takes a few seconds to ID the trailer. After that I turn the screen off or turn it face down until the next one starts. I also stand either at the very front or very back of the theater, in a corner. Customers entering the theater are far more disruptive than my few seconds of dim screen.
Are there ever bonuses? The pay seems pretty low to me for the time involved with multiple screens and formats.
Not so far. All trailer check companies pay very low. This is something one does for entertainment, not to make money. On a recent feature release I made $66 for about 20 hours' work. After expenses it came to $35 for the two days. I did it to enjoy the hooplah of the release, not because it made any money...and I had the two days to kill while waiting for some work to be done on my car.
Hello, I replied to an AD last year on Craigslist for movie standee's and such. the lady emailed with info, I wont say her name and said we would start soon. After a while of not hearing from hear , I emailed and she never replied. That was just rude. Now I see you have app for Movie Measure.
Hi, Ive done a few with imyst. They paid well and quick. I recommend them. They dont have alot of shops available at any given time ( in my area) but I check back with them once a month because the shops were quick easy and paid well. Give them a shot.
Most of the standee assignments aren't worth what they are paying. A 12-hour team build for $7??!! They did do a flat assembly that took 30 minutes once, but that is the exception, not the rule.

Their trailer checks pay a little less that the old company in that the flat fee portion is for the whole day, not paid once for A.M. showings and once for P.M. showings.
@stormraven73 wrote:

Most of the standee assignments aren't worth what they are paying. A 12-hour team build for $7??!! They did do a flat assembly that took 30 minutes once, but that is the exception, not the rule.

Their trailer checks pay a little less that the old company in that the flat fee portion is for the whole day, not paid once for A.M. showings and once for P.M. showings.

Maybe you mean $70? Even their flat-card standees pay $15.

I don't recall the old MSC for the trailer checks paying twice for showings, just a little extra per print. Are you thinking of the open check assignments? The old MSC still has those.
Nope. $7 for a flat, and the same for the 5-layer Pets standees last month.

It's been over a year since I did CFA's trailer checks, but when I did the big releases last, they paid a flat fee plus a per-screen amount. If your checks went past a certain time they would pay a second flat fee.

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Movie Measure is paying very fairly for standees. Cheapskate CFA was paying based on $10 hr where MM is based on $15 so they are paying 50% more for the exact same standee. There's another company that pays based on $20 hr, but they assign theaters so if all the theaters in your area are taken, no way to get any work.

12 hour team build??? What the heck is that? No standee I've ever done or seen takes 12 hrs. I've had a very rare one take 5hrs. Most are 10 mins to 2 hrs. There is a skill to it and you have to know what you are doing. People that are slow at it or think they don't pay enough haven't learned the skill. Had a standee recently I was making $60 an hour. Unfortunately it only took an hour. Typically standees work out to about $15-20 an hour. But you have to know how. And mine are put together correctly unlike some I've seen from people taking 2-3 times as long and have no clue what they are doing.

MM doesn't pay $7 for anything. Minimum I've seen is $10. Cheapskate CFA does pay $7. Do you by chance live in a high cost city that you have to pay for parking even at movie theaters? CFA has never paid a flat fee, let alone 2 in the same day for trailer checks. $7 first screen, $2 additional, so by the time you get to the 3rd screen you're working for less than $4 an hr which is a joke. It's why CFA lost the business. People would check a couple of screens and make the rest up. It's why they went to just checking each print instead of every screen, but even that didn't work.
I rechecked my records. It was $12, not $7 per install. Nevertheless, I spoke to the theater employee who completed the Pets standee I turned down. He said it took two of them (both experienced builders) all day. As for the trailer checks, I did actually average $2.50 per hour, so slightly higher than CFA, but still not worth sacrificing 20+ hours over two days.

FYI, I have built many, many standees. No, our cost of living is one of the lowest in the country, so no parking fees. And when I did trailer checkes for CFA it was $7 for the first matinee screen, $2 each add'l, plus $7 for first evening screen, $2 each add'l.

I am glad you have had a better experience but I can't afford to work for this company.

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I do not think any of CFA checkers know why the contract was lost. They never said to check every screen they used the word print. CFA paid a variety of rate. they paid aa rate for the first screen and then a different rate for a second screen. They paid different rates for the first screen because of the clients and what they paid for the project.
Trailers are an important marketing tool in the industry. Over 40% of people decide on what movies to see by watching trailers. So when you are doing trailer checks, you are literally in there for the movie distributors to see if their trailers are getting played. And if they were suppose to be and they are not, the movie chains get a call. So if people were making stuff up and it was wrong, it was getting found out.

Over the years the theaters have changed how they show the movies. Once upon a time CFA did first show times checks and paid $10+$2, but then theaters started adding a screen in the evening. Who was going spend all day at theater for no money, or leave and come back for $2 more? They pretty much had to stop doing first checks. And now you see some theaters moving stuff from screen to screen to cram more in, so they tried going to just checking prints. Whole thing just became a mess.

I would almost never do them unless they bonused them $5 and even then it wasn't really worth it. I had pretty much stopped doing them in the last few years.

But believe me, the movie distributors gave CFA the boot. The info was no longer accurate enough. Too many people faking it.
The Pets 2 standee was a little difficult. It did have curves and the instructions weren't that good. Even so the first one only took 2 hrs. After a few I was down to 1 1/2 hrs. It paid $45. I was trying to get as many as possible to do.

So what were these 2 brainiacs doing? What was there for 2 people to do? There was no way it took them all day unless they would put one piece of cardboard on, wander off for half an hour, put another piece on, wander off ....

There's a skill to doing standees. There's all kinds of little tricks I rarely follow the directions unless you have to as far as the sequence. Usually an easier and better way to put them together that ends up with the exact same result. And it helps if you can think in 3D. Unless it's really hard I never read the directions. I want to see the picture of what it looks like when it's finished, and what the pieces look like. Then it's, if these are the pieces, and that's what it looks like, then this is how it goes together. Somebody else can waste their time reading the directions. Once in awhile I'll look at picture to see how a part goes on. Very rarely read anything.
So glad you are the whiz at installs, and get paid so well. So glad name-calling and put-downs make you feel good about it. Some of us appreciate diverse points of view about a job. My point was to share MY experience with this company. Yours seems to be to disparage anyone who doesn't agree with you. I question the veracity of anyone so defensive.
I haven’t had a chance to respond to all points here but we definitely do not pay $7 for any form of installation. We try to pay fairly based on skill level and time.
First show checks are still done and are done for a reason. The companies what to know if the trailer played and which version so they can correct it. Also, sometimes a client wants to know what trailers are on the movie because the next week they may add theirs to the movie. All the checks were never first show. Also, I would appreciate if you stop making comments about CFA's checkers and falsifying trailer reports because you really do not know that. All you are doing is speculating. You and I and everyone else do not know why they lost the contract.
Great points. The clients also run first shows to ensure film makers or talent can be told which location to visit (and auditorium/showtime) to view their work.

We also add VIP locations subject to client executives too.
The problem I'm having with MM is getting the info. Since they have no website, there's no where to check. Who they decide to send emails to or who not to is beyond me. I once found out about a standee because a friend who got an email forwarded it to me. He had signed up with them, but has yet to do any work for them. Where I've been doing the work and actively been trying to find out what's going on, yet never got an email.

So if you don't get an email, apparently the only other way to find out if there is work, is if they by chance call you. Maybe that works in areas that only have a few theaters. Basically they are just calling to see if you want to do it. But I live in an area that I could potentially do as many as 30 different theaters. And then for the metropolitan area, all the little cities could go by over 15 different names. So somebody calling from NY who has no clue of the area, it really doesn't work. Whether I can do a location depends. Most important thing is how much does the standee pay? I'm not driving 45 miles for a $12 standee. But for a $60 standee, when do you want it done? But if I can put a route together of 4-6 locations, then maybe I can do the one 45 miles away for $12. They need to work out something better on how to assign stuff. Or even to just get the info out.

One problem I'm seeing though since CFA got the boot, the clients are dividing stuff up between at least 2 different companies in my area. How they decide who gets what is beyond me. Sometimes they have both companies doing the same standee but at different locations. And then they are waiting till the last minute to decide who gets what. So it's forcing MM at the last second trying to get the word out.

As I mentioned before MM is paying 50% more than CFA was for standees. Considering there is a skill to it and you have to know what you are doing, it's about time somebody is paying what it is worth. I'm more than happy with MM's pay rate for standees. Now if I can just get the info.
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