Market force vs Maritz reports?

I have worked with Market Force quite a bit and used to the report.

I am new to Maritz and have a bank shop and a handful of non reveal gas shops coming up. All of the shops seem straight forward enough..about how long does the report take.

Just wondering in case I want to schedule more shops with other mscs on the maritz days

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If you're doing the gas shop I think you are, it's a simple report and requires only receipt photos. You have to stay on site at least 10 minutes.

If you're doing the bank I think you are, that report isn't bad, either. Maybe 20-30 minutes, depending on which shop you're doing. The premier banker shop will take an hour or more just for the shop and at least half that for the report.

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I agree with panama18. The only difference I see between the two is MF allows me to click my control button and I can upload as many pictures as I want at once. Martiz doesn't have this. You have to upload one picture at a time. When I do a gas shop for MF, I might have 4 pictures to upload to one question. I can upload all 4 at once. If the same thing happens with Martiz, I have to upload one at a time; so it takes longer. But, the reports are easy.

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Maritz simple gas reports are easy but remember they are comparing your answers to the person that does the longer audit. I feel sometimes like it's a guessing game of what they would label an infraction instead of what the guidelines say. After a few emails from the MSC telling me one of my answers didn't match the other shopper's but not informing me of which question, I note in the comments anything that may a problem. Also, don't forget to look for those gift cards, some stores really love to hide them.

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@wwin wrote:

Also don't forget to look for those gift cards, some stores really love to hide them.

I can't find the gift cards quite frequently. I give it as much effort as I can without being obvious and, if I don't find them, so be it. I've never been questioned. Most of the stations I've done have some much "stuff" around their register area that any individual thing can be hard to find. I suspect that the "gift card check" is as much about whether or not a customer can see them on display as anything. After all, if a shopper can't find them, a customer is not likely to see them and if a customer doesn't see them, they might as well not be on display....

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