I think This should be closed.

I was afraid with all MF problems lately, that mine would be late, but I got mine in a timely manner. I did my taxes last week.

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Yet another update, yesterday on the MF site my DD status changed to Verifying with Bank, and today at my bank I get a third of these, redacted of course a wee bit:

A deposit for $0.00 will be available to your XXXX Ckg XXXX 2/15/2019 from PPD MARKET FORCE MF Payroll ROUTING NO. 02200002.

That's a third deposit of nada.... Like really, if I ran a MSC, I'd probably issue debit cards to shoppers and load the pay every week and have shoppers so happy they'd be singing their way to shop, no need to fiddle with the bank at all!!!

Alas, this is the real world... so sorry to let you all down....
Rarely post on the site, but having mystery shopped for years, seen MSC's come and go, I would speculate that they are on a downward spiral. Just my opinion, but hope that's not the case.
I'm starting to get worried about MF. I have noticed twice now in the last week or so that they have shops with "make an offer" on shops that only have 15 or 20 minutes left to do. All of these I have made an offer on and was declined. I guess they'd rather lose that shop than pay me a measly $15.
Notice that they are declining previously accepted 'make and offer' on jobs. Just more indications that they may be having financial issues.
Those two previously declined make an offer shop were supposed to be done by 1:45 today. It's 2:00 and they are still on the board as make an offer. I could have done both of them for them! Oh, well.
What a surprise. I got my payment today instead of Friday. Maybe they are back on track. Anyone else get paid today?
It shows on MF that my money has been sent but of course its not in my bank since its a weekend and a holiday today. Guess I will wait and see and not spend any of it until it shows up.
It showed that I had been paid but it wasn't in the bank. Not taking a chance that it will be like last month. I won't spend any of it until I see it in my bank account and that can't be until ata least tomorrow since the banks are closed today.
I have never offered just $1 more but I feel that they don’t even look at the offers sometimes, the just hit decline and wait for the schedulers to assign them. Last week, I offered $50 on a shop and it was declined. 2 hours later a I got a call offering me $60. I will take it!
I made an offer for a job yesterday and it was declined. It was a reasonable offer for the distance I would have had to travel. They have declined my offers at least 4 times in the past week. I would have had a long drive for every one of them.
Don't forget...for many (but not all) banks, today is a banking holiday, being President's Day. So payment may show up on MF's site, but not be in our bank accounts for a few days. Mine is showing up on MF's site, but not my bank. It'll get there is a couple of days. No worries.
Just remember it's showed as being paid before and then taken off the next day. If it stays on for three days, then maybe you will be paid before February 22nd, lol.
Surprise...surprise...mine is actually IN my bank account today!

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When I was paying bills on Saturday 2/16, I noticed the MF $$ DD pending in my bank account, though there was nothing showing on the MF pay history page. It still shows as pending today in my account, and pay history on MF now shows the pay info, with today's date as the pay date.

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Shopper Payments in February
February 6, 2019
Please be advised that Shopper Payments are expected to go out on February 22nd this month and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are committed to returning to the consistent payment approach that we have followed throughout our company’s history and that you have come to expect as a valued shopper.
I will be glad when the normal payment time gets straightened out as I use my pay to pay bills and the bills due date dosn't change.
I saw the message that payment would be delayed until Feb. 22, but the money appeared in my bank account on the 16th. The Market Force website does not list the payment in my payment history. Strange, but glad to get the money on time!
Same here. Money in bank. However, there is nothing on MF pay history for me. That is much better than the other way around, especially since I was paid January's payment (for Dec Shops) only 5 days ago.

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Market Force has been my favorite MSC since I first started mystery shopping; and they still are. But recently, I've cut way down on the shops that I have to spend money up front due to the later payments. I used to look forward to getting my money back from them quicker than most other MSC. But, lately this has not been the case. I am now using my money on MSC that pay quicker. I need my money back as soon as possible because I re-use that same money for other shops. I let that same money keep making me money.

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I am going to be optimistic as far as MF payments go and say they are back on track. All seems well at least from my prospective.
Anyone else that still gets paper checks in the mail have the amount on the payment page? My DD was approved but not deposited.
@gocrazy4801 wrote:

Anyone else that still gets paper checks in the mail have the amount on the payment page? My DD was approved but not deposited.

Still waiting for my check this month. I also have DD just approved, however it is supposed to be active the month after it is approved.
@gocrazy4801 wrote:

Ok. Thanks for filling me in. Are you able to see the amount on the website though?

No, not yet but I believe it won’t show until the check is issued.
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