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Personally I think MF is fine. But having them for one's bread and butter is risky. I used to make the most from them from bonused FF and banks. I could build a route with those plus fillers from other companies. Over time that changed until Last year the only job I did for them was a gas station. Now even that has gone to another company. They no longer have any jobs in my area.

@ceasesmith wrote:

This is my bread-and-butter company, so I am VERY nervous. I have talked with schedulers, and they assure me nothing is wrong -- but I absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the last people to know are hourly employees.

Meanwhile, I've got job applications going out, just in case.
@Sobrokeigot2dothis wrote:

Shame on us shoppers for expecting a company to say what it means and mean what it says. Shame on us!

Edited to add: Based on the payment schedule that MF provided: it does not appear that they have yet to not disburse payments as promised. Even last month they disbursed payments before the 20th, despite saying they would not go out until the 22nd. Payments are officially not late yet this month. If they end up going out 2 days late, we have been given fair warning.

You are the second person to imply I said something that I did not say. It would be much more constructive if you were to convey your own opinion of what MF did.

I've been paid late by almost every MSC at one time or another, without warning. I've been denied payment for ridiculous reasons. I've seen MSCs change or otherwise hide things in their agreements. I have also never read the entirety of any MSCs agreement with shoppers, I just accept them so I can see their postings.

If you want to be constructive, please point out what MF did wrong according to the agreement. Then show me where I said I do not expect them to live up to the agreement????

My posts are solely based on my opinions and for my entertainment, contact a professional if you need real advice.

When you get in debt you become a slave. - Andrew Jackson

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Stay nervous. Be cautious regarding how many shops you sign up for. I can overlook one month of late payments, which could be attributed to some valid reason; however, the second month --- late again? Regardless of why, there are cash flow problems. That is not a good sign that all is well with this company.
that's what I tried to say they have not been late yet. I would much prefer a MSC say they would be late and be on time then say nothing and be late.

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Well, well, I got paid today for February shops, wasn't expecting that. Wasn't expecting it till next Monday.
MF has gone in the toilet for me personally. They used to be a lock to pay on 10th. They now pay towards end of month and not to mention the shops available in my metro area have gotten really bad; $3 and $4 jobs everywhere. The schedulers have even stopped calling. They used to be my number one in terms of volume they; I've done less than 5 (if that) for them this month.
Eh. I put in for two jobs last night. $19 and $15 bonuses. I woke up this morning to those two new jobs in my inbox.

I’m only doing $150 a month for them. The jobs are so easy, I don’t really count them as work. It pays my electric bill every month.
Not sure why everyone is flipping out over payments, which aren’t late; yet how many shoppers got screwed in the Red Quanta fiasco?
We are complaining because of the multiple messages on the home page about getting paid no later than the 20th. Now, we are told it will be the 25 and possibly another date. I've never worked for anyone who didn't have a set pay date. I know this is just extra money for me, but I do expect professionalism.
@7star wrote:

MF said March 25th and March 26th. Why are people complaining ???

It is because we are afraid we are going to get burnt. And here is the thing, fear is our friend. Despite everything the fools and the optimist say we should never ever disregard fear.
For the last 6 years my direct deposit from Marketforce has always said “Marketforce” in my online bank ledger, but my deposit this month said “In Store Group” - I have never heard of this name before - did something change?
Hmm, odd, In Store Group is a merchandising company. I have done work for them before (I am both a merchandiser and MS).
Haven't seen my DD yet.
As is the case with any MSC, I wouldn't go overboard in shops with them. I understand people rely on the payments but it's risk/reward as we are IC. I do hope we all get paid by them.
It seems they are paying some people already ahead of schedule, so this pay period may be alright for everyone.
But why are some of us being paid but not all of us? I've never heard of paying some now and others later. What is going on? I'm afraid to accept any more shops.

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Sorry - I see people posted that previously. I do think payment has gotten later and later, but perhaps they changed payment systems. I'm more worried about the lack of shops in my area. Some of their clients are now with different MSCs. I'm down to one or two shops a month. That's a new low.
I have also noticed fewer shops. I still do 2 or 3 a week, but the pickings are getting slimmer. I am also getting fewer calls from schedulers.
Not everyone.

@SoCalMama wrote:

Not sure why everyone is flipping out over payments, which aren’t late; yet how many shoppers got screwed in the Red Quanta fiasco?
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