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I have been ms'ing since the late 90s and have not had a situation such as I have currently. I accepted an assignment for the first time from JM Ridgway. Seemed straightforward, scheduling through the Sassie system. I have seen the company name for years.
In the guidelines/directions, it was stated that a separate PDF file would be sent to me on which I needed to complete the survey. I waited/checked all email tabs and accounts. A week before the due date, I had still received nothing and sent a message through the "contact scheduler" link on the assignment page. Still nothing. I searched all the email contact I had received and in each case (both this assignment and open assignments) the statement of "do not reply to this email" was listed. There were no other contact options.
Two days (or three) before the deadline, I sent another message via the job board, this time outlining in detail that I would not be able to complete this assignment without the required PDF or alternatives. I still heard nothing. Instead of canceling (automatic bad mark), I let the due date come and pass.
I then received an email from someone other than the scheduler stating: "This is past due and must be submitted immediately or it will be re-assigned and your account will be cited and/or deactivated. Thank you."
I responded to the provided email reply address with all the above details. I was then cc'd on an email to the scheduler asking why I had not received the PDF file. (this was on Saturday, 4/27). On Monday, 4/29, I received a citation from the scheduler with no acknowledgement of the above mentioned issues. Other than this, I have heard nothing.
Is this an anomaly or have similar issues been experienced with this company? I don't want to just write them off if it is not warranted. By the same token, I have a good reputation and I don't want to take chances with companies who do not provide the support necessary to their shoppers.
Feedback is appreciated. Thank you

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Try to contact Frank: He's the owner and is responsive to good questions.
I've done a handful of shops for them and not had issues.

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I hate to say it but sending a note to Frank is probably the next step. I don't envy you. You can read his response to me in the recent discussion "JM Ridgway Issue-How to tell what payment is for" or do a search on JM Ridgway and see other's experience with him and the MSC.
Good luck.
How about this one. I very recently did 3 shops for JM Ridgeway. I got paid correctly and even early on the first one. However, I was cheated out of my bonus pay for the next 2 shops. The total owed is 40 bucks. I was so pissed that I thought I should go through the Arbitration process to get my money, but it isnt worth it. They can keep that tiny bit of money. I will never do a shop for them again. Beware folks they do not answer emails. I tried several times. Nothing.
Beware of JM Ridgway they will cheat you out of your hard earned money.

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Well glad I didn't have that problem. I had a $4 bonus I didn't get paid and emailed about it. They responded the same day and paid me 5 days later. Who did you email?
Frank had no problem replying to me frequently and disparangingly. Frequency of communication was not the issue.
They have Scott Ridgway as the contact name/phone# on the MSPA site. Has anyone tried calling him ? Since they are a member of MSPA, try reporting to MSPA that you didn't get paid your bonus. Like RedQuanta, maybe they will take them off. That may get Ridgway to pay you.

I have not done any shops for them. I won't after reading all your experiences.
I haven't had any problems with them. I had 2 issues and both were resolved to my satisfaction. On one the scheduler had not applied the bonus advertised on the email. On the second I saw the employee i was supposed to shop go into the storage facility and then he locked the doors and wouldn't answer. I was so exasperated I just wanted the shop removed as I was busy and had no time for games. For both issues they fixed it immediately. On the second they cancelled the shop for me without any penalties (that I know of.) I even got a nice note thanking me for all my efforts. I'm not saying anyone else is wrong. I'm just saying it appears you may or may not have problems but I've made pretty good money which I wouldn't have done had I preemptively dismissed them out of hand. If the day comes that I get treated badly I may adjust my interactions with them then.
I agree. The tone of his messages were an issue. We had heated exchange. I received my pay but it took 3 months.
I have to agree about Frank being a total jerk. My husband and I have contracts with dozens of companies. We've had normal issues with companies, but Frank and JM Ridgway are on another level. He was rude, curt, admittedly in the wrong, and just nasty. I don't understand how he has a company and thinks he can treat others so demeaningly. He claimed my husband didn't contact him. When my husband sent a screen shot, Frank said he had thousands of email a month and couldn't be expected to keep up with them! My husband did not get fully paid for his shops and we will be contacting the BBB shortly. Frank is an angry man.
Frank is definitely interesting. Tip to not annoy him: Respond to him asap (~1-2 hours) and try to mimic his email style: brief, concise, and straight to the point. He'll respond to you a lot faster and be a lot more helpful. Fortunately, I'm on his good side and he offers me bonused shops before other shoppers get access to them and expedited shop payment.
Thanks to everyone for the feedback! It is great to be in the company of this community! In my initial post I referred to "someone other than the scheduler" that someone was Frank, the owner. Since I received no further communication from him, and no resolution. I deactivated my account and have written them off. Of note; when I received the response email from Frank (the cc with the scheduler), I sent him a thank you response. When I received the "citation" email, I fwd'd it to Frank with the line, "I guess this is the response." I have received no other communication from anyone, including Frank.

I am moved to take further action to help other MS'ers. But I really do not know who/how. I am a member of MSPA and may post something there. I wanted to get an overall business ethics feel before I moved ahead. If it was a "one off" I would be a lot more gracious, but it looks like we have a history of poor business practices and inferior contractor relations.

Thank you, all, again for your feedback. I appreciate each and everyone of you!

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I have a feeling this company is on the way out. The personnel clearly have integrity issues, and a lack of respect for shoppers (myself and a friend). Both Frank and the scheduler I work with operate on apparent anger and/or stress. They don't advertise their "two strikes and you're out" policy until they've decided you have two strikes. I still cannot figure out the second strike--they won't reply or disclose their reasoning.

If you have a situation come up and need to modify a time, for example, the scheduler (N.A.) will not reply until the next day or two, and then will tell you it's a strike. Try to engage in a civil conversation with either one, and you'll get no response. My way or the highway. I feel like a heavy load's been lifted now that I wrote them off. Good riddance.
They have a scheduler Teresa who is really nice. A long time ago I did a bed shop for them that stunk (only paid $10) and Nikki was the scheduler, but she was pleasant. I didn't do anything for them for about a decade until I got emails from Teresa about a storage facility shop that paid $20. I did three of them and they were easy. IMO, never deactivate. You just never know when there might be a shop that's worthwhile. Frank may not have a sparkling personality, but I don't hold that against everyone there. I don't think they are on their way out, they have been around for a long time and I see no indication that they are going anywhere.

I got emails from Teresa about a storage facility shop that paid $20. I did three of them and they were easy.
Hey, JAS, just a quick question here. I did my first storage shop early May. Shopper Log shows Payment as of yesterday 6/3/19. But as of today, 6/4/19, nothing is showing in my Paypal account. Do they pay via Paypal? Or do they send out checks?? Any other MSC that I shop for that uses Paypal has the fee in my account the very same day that it shows as being paid on my Shopper page. So, for the storage shops that you have done, how were you paid? Thanks in advance.
GUYSMON - I did a storage shop for them on April 5th and was paid via PayPal on May 7th. Oddly, the MSC website says that I was paid on June 3rd. I just double-checked on PayPal. I was paid on May 7th.

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Ridgeway often pays long before they post the payment. Its a very common situation with them.
Well here's the thing. I did the shop on May 8th and it was received. I have just gone and looked into my Paypal account all the way back to May 1st, and no, I have NOT been paid by JM Ridgeway yet. The ONLY place it mentions that I have been paid is in my Shopper Log, and it shows a payment date of YESTERDAY 6/3/19. But there has been NO payment from them into my Paypal account as of yet. So my question is: Has ANYONE gotten a notice in their Shopper Log about being paid by JM Ridgeway, but payment doesn't show up in their Paypal account for a few days?? That's what I would like to know. Thanks.
I was just about to sign up with them and I'm trying to be careful! I have no time for rude people. Thanks!
I just looked at the website and it shows I was paid on 4/30, but I actually got my money on 4/18 according to Paypal records (yes they do pay via Paypal). Sounds like they have a screwed up accounting department! When I got my payment I noticed it was short my $4 bonus and they were quick to remedy that. If you don't get paid within the next few days, email Frank. I would think you will get paid shortly!

@guysmom wrote:


I got emails from Teresa about a storage facility shop that paid $20. I did three of them and they were easy.
Hey, JAS, just a quick question here. I did my first storage shop early May. Shopper Log shows Payment as of yesterday 6/3/19. But as of today, 6/4/19, nothing is showing in my Paypal account. Do they pay via Paypal? Or do they send out checks?? Any other MSC that I shop for that uses Paypal has the fee in my account the very same day that it shows as being paid on my Shopper page. So, for the storage shops that you have done, how were you paid? Thanks in advance.
Yes, I also was cheated out of my bonus money that was promised to me. I will never work for this Company again. They were car insurance shops that they couldn't
find anyone for. This was in Febuary of this year 2019, which is tax time and for once we can make decent money. Because Nikki emailed me and offered a 20. Bonus On each shop I took them. They paid me correctly for the first shop then cheated me out of my bonus on the other 2. They can keep it. I have blocked them and I will never work for JM Ridgway again.
Thanks for listening.
They are bad news. See the rather long message I have posted. I have blocked them.
Did you email? Did you have the promised bonus in writing? Perhaps it was a simple mistake? These things happen.
I believe you because this happened to my husband. He was promised a bonus. Frank accused him of not emailing him on time. My husband sent him a screenshot of the email. Frank got nasty and then said how could he be expected to see all emails when he has thousands a month. He said he would pay my husband for the shop and be banned forever or he could just agree not to get paid. My husband chose to get paid and get banned. BANNED! What company does that to workers who are trying to make a few dollars? And, my husband did not receive his full payment for that shop by the way. I hate this company and had a similar experience with Nikki. I saw that this company was joining another and I would caution anyone from associating with this company.
I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I had a payment issue (bonus not showing on email) and I emailed Frank and it was fixed immediately. I also emailed asking for the 3 day pay on storage shops and that was also done right away. Had another issue where the storage place was closed during hours it should have been open. I took photos and reported it closed and still got paid.
Not saying anyone else is lying or anything else. I just think that my experience is as valid as all the rest and I think people should make up their own minds. Of course if y'all want to avoid them right out of the gate that is just more shops for me. Their pay is quite competitive.
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