HS BRANDS Payment delay

Has anyone else been waiting for over 90 days to get paid from these folks? I've got shops going back to early April that remain unpaid. A week ago I sent an email to account reps and they said that I would be getting paid 'very soon'; not the case. If anyone has a contact that can make things happen please provide. Thanks.

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HS Brands pays pretty slowly, but my notes say I was paid by PayPal on 6/6/19 for a shop conducted on 4/6/19. How are you being paid? By PayPal? Check? Did the account rep give any reason for the delay of your payment?

Shopper in California's Bay Area
Here's the email I got from my scheduler about April shop payments. They made some error and only half the payments were issued on time:

Dear Shopper,

HS Brands apologizes for the recent payment delays to our shoppers.

We have corrected the issues that caused the delays and expect to be back on our regular payment schedule within the next 7 to 10 days. At least half of April shop payments have been processed and the balance of April payments will begin this week.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and the services you provide for HS Brands.

Thank you for your continued service,

HS Brands Global.
Diane Wolff
Director Finance and Administration
Good to know, again. It would have been nice to have also personally received this email, especially after my inquiry.
They're not nicknamed Service Sloth for nuthin'.

“I am convinced that knowledge is power - to overcome the past, to change our own situations, to fight new obstacles, to make better decisions.” ~Ben Carson
I owe HS Brands an apology and a thank you. They actually paid my April shop June 6 -- a month earlier than I expected. I have already posted this on the other HS Brands thread, but I'll do it again here.

So, I apologize -- and say thank you!
I will not shop for any MSC that can and do take up to 90+ days to be paid. I can think of two off the top of my head that have stopped shopping for. There are too many out there that take 6 weeks or less to be constantly verifying if a shop you did 3 months ago ever paid.

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I understand that position of not taking on msc's that take 90+ days to pay. I am seriously considering that position myself. They won't give me any answer as to why the payment is not yet here; and hearing it second hand via this blog just won't do it for me. I've cancelled a shop they 'awarded' me and told them I will not work until I hear about my payments.
I’m still waiting for a shop I did in April too and I have not gotten a response to my inquiry I sent last week either.
I can deal with waiting 90 days for a good paying shop as long as I know up front, like with Cirrus. But because of the lack of communication about the change in pay time, or whatever is going on, I just canceled 3 shops that I was scheduled to do today, especially because they included reimbursements. The possibility of putting up about $50 plus shop time plus report time tonight with this situation going on scares me. On a positive note, one of the schedulers did reply to me agreeing that it is an unreasonable amount of time to wait and that he'll forward my cancellation email to the boss.

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Wow. HS Brands has really gotten themselves in the trash can with me. They finally sent me an email (after I called and spoke to someone) and it looks like it was a generic copy/paste from somewhere else, and it was a bad copy/paste looking at the missing quotation mark. They can't even tell me what went wrong or when I'll be paid exactly.

On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 4:40 PM

<Payments@hsbrands.com> wrote:
“We started making shopper payments last week and will be continuing to pay shoppers this week and next. Thanks for your patience

Thank you

Jeez, they’ll be getting a lot of bad feedback. What number do you have for them? I still haven’t gotten any information.
You can also try the CEO:


@jlovesnyc wrote:

Here's a few contacts I'm working with right now.

I'm grinding to get an answer using the below:

1.800. 723. 1150
I'm also waiting for a shop to be paid from April. I think I got the same copy and paste reply with a missing quotation mark. I feel like I just went through this waiting game with MarketForce....With HS there was no email with me initiating the question about payment. A little weary.
I am still waiting for payment for a $15 Shop I did for HS back on April 15th. All other companies have paid me for shops for April, May, June and even some July shops. But HS can’t pay a mere $15 in a timely fashion?! Or even by 90 days after the shop?! Sheesh. Looks l won’t be doing shops for them any longer. Beware that KSS does scheduling for HS so you may want to avoid those shops too.
That’s who scheduled the April one I’m still waiting to be paid for. The strange thing is, I did 2 in April and I got paid for one last month but not the second one. Still no response and nothing about payment. They really should have sent something out to all the shoppers or notified us on the website. MF did!

@middleclassmom wrote:

I am still waiting for payment for a $15 Shop I did for HS back on April 15th. All other companies have paid me for shops for April, May, June and even some July shops. But HS can’t pay a mere $15 in a timely fashion?! Or even by 90 days after the shop?! Sheesh. Looks l won’t be doing shops for them any longer. Beware that KSS does scheduling for HS so you may want to avoid those shops too.

Every company we do the scheduling for will pay you, as long as the shop was done correctly.

A while back, Lorri fought for several people on this forum to get paid by another company. She even fought to get two people paid that didn't even get their shops through KSS. That company is gone, yet everyone was paid. Never saw the people that were trashing KSS apologize to, nor thank, Lorri Kern for her part in making sure that happened.

Please do not tell people to beware of shops we schedule. I believe we have proven that if you are assigned a shop through us, no matter the company responsible for paying you, we will do what we can to make sure you see the payment you deserve.

I do understand what the people here are going through that are owed payment. I'm in no way saying it is okay to wait longer for your pay than what was agreed upon.

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They've always paid me. Sometimes, they have big clients with huge checks. Once that clears, they pay a huge wave of shoppers. They are not small company by any means, but I know that when a six-figure check is pending, it's pretty significant for them.
middleclassmom opines--Beware that KSS does scheduling for HS so you may want to avoid those shops too.

Bob's disagreement--I well understand shoppers being frustrated with non-payment. As for me, SS and I go back 13 years and through 227 jobs; I am not the least concerned. I, though, vehemently disagree with the negative comment concerning Kern scheduling for the following reasons:

1-Scheduling companies are not involved with payment.
2-Kern has, in the past and when it was not their responsibility, gone to bat for shoppers.

It is my opinion, this is another case of a new participant undeservedly slamming Kern, a reputable company.

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it's a two way street. They are quick to deny a shop for a missed this or that and expect us to be on our game with executing shops. I expect at the very minimum an explanation as to why I'm not getting paid. A simple email saying hey, there will be a delay in paying you per agreement, it will be paid on so and so. Instead, they are not responding to voicemails and emails, and when they do they seem to be either lying or clueless about the issue. I've put up with their 60 day pay policy for years but this kind of treatment make them expendable. Even the kss tony guy gave me a run around when I try to find out what's going on.

I totally understand your frustration with SS, as you are "spot on" in that your inquiries should have been addressed. The absence of those replies, though, does not warrant MCM bashing the scheduling company, who does not have any obligation of payment. In my post, I omitted a single word that alters my meaning; that has been corrected.

As to denying a report because a self-employed contractor erred, that is business. I have been fortunate in that over 16+ years, I have only had four non-video shops denied, with two being my fault. The other two were schedulers covering their rumps.
I'm not concerned at all about Kern as a whole. I'm disappointed that Tony did not respond to my last email or have anything to say about my cancelation of yesterday's shops, but Jeff did, and I believe in Pete's statement here. It is HS that is blowing us off and the only company that needs to be held accountable as well as get their act together.
I’m not worried about KSS as they don’t owe me the money but, like allicat13, said, I’m unhappy with HS. They are not even putting up a response that could be automatically sent to payment inquiries stating the issue. Instead, they are apparently ignoring inquiries with the very people who make their business possible! If they have no shoppers then how will the shops they contract for get done?

In my experience, it is an indication of either a company that expanded too fast or something is going wrong in the internal corporate structure. You don’t NOT communicate with your clients and contractors. They are an essential part of your business. Maybe they shouldn’t have bought seelvlhx as that’s where this cash flow problem seems to originated. Prior to that purchase I was getting paid on schedule and never had to contact them about payment.

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I did get a quick response from payments@hsbrands that was the same as the brief, generic one that jlovesnyc got. I replied asking for the reason for the delay, and no response. I also had asked exactly when I can expect a payment and I was not answered. My Shopper log is still not showing a “paid on” date.
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