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I'm not expecting mine until tomorrow.
Edit: tomorrow being the 31st

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Direct deposit shows in my Maritz payment history dated 7/26/2019, however it hasn't been deposited as of 7/31.
Wow, thought I was the only one, and then I decided I would check here before I called the bank!
Larry from MaritzCX here... sorry to everyone for your concerns. There was a a small glitch in our automated process this month and unfortunately all end of July payments are coming one day later than normal. The Direct Deposits have been processed and should be en-route and our paper checks are being mailed this morning. We apologize for the delay and you can rest assured that we've taken the necessary steps to make sure this doesn't happen again!

Larry Loos
Is there a link to Maritz FAQs, particularly payment information? I have not been able to find them on the site.
jameschicago - Unfortunately we currently don't have an FAQ on our website. Feel free to PM me any questions you have and I would be happy to answer. I would also welcome any questions from the shopper community in order to create an FAQ.

Larry Loos
@boridi wrote:

Direct deposit shows in my Maritz payment history dated 7/26/2019, however it hasn't been deposited as of 7/31.
Deposited on 8/1
Has anyone received the Maritz DD today?

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No - I just called the company and they said they would give the message to administration. I don't think she even took my name or shopper ID!!
I didn't get mine either. I just asked someone on Team 3 and they haven't heard anything about it. I told her I didn't need to talk to payroll yet, I'll wait until tomorrow and then if no pay I'll ask them.
Larry from MaritzCX here again... Sorry to everyone for your concerns. During our routine process for auditing the payments yesterday, we found a discrepancy that could not be resolved by the deadline for submission of the direct deposits. The direct deposit payments have now processed and paper checks are also enroute. We apologize for this issue occurring, but it was completely random and unrelated to the issue experienced with our last payment cycle. For those that are expecting payments at the end of August and in the coming months, we fully expect a return to our precise payment schedule everyone is accustomed to.

Larry Loos
What about people who had autopay's scheduled for today? MY account is $80 in the red. One was my cell phone which I can't adjust?? I try to use autopay as little as possible, just because of situations like this. But my cell phone bill is one item I can't adjust simply by scheduling a different date. It could take me a couple of billing cycles to adjust this.
Larry, you guys are the best.
But, whatever you guys were doing before the last two pay cycles wasn't broken. Please get back to that.
This is a little disappointing. I have always relied on Maritz to pay on time because they always have paid on time. I do a lot of work for this MSC and I submit my reports on time. They should do their part and pay on time. Today was one of those days when I actually needed my payment and now I'm having to scramble to pay for other jobs today that cannot be rescheduled.
@F and L TeleComm, I truly apologize for the issue. I have always taken pride that we at MaritzCX are reliable and like clock-work with our payments for our shoppers and am very upset that we have missed any of our expected payment dates. I know that my words do not help you or anyone else in your current situation, so if there is anything that you think I can do to help, please PM me your thoughts.

Larry Loos
To be honest, I don't have the cash to borrow from savings right now. I used my savings to make payments on my credit cards because I needed to lower my utilization to prepare for a major inquiry coming up to help finance some major property purchases coming up. I didn't make that much last pay period so I had to prepare another way. In order to cover the two autopays (one being my cell phone which I can't just move the payment), I will have to go take a cash advance off of my WalMart card. This will cost me time and additional interest. This is highly inconvenient and stressful. I am already stressed because this is my first tax lien purchase and my first property purchase in my entire life which is following a time when I didn't make that much. The city is not going to change the date of the auction to suit me. This is a "subsequent" tax auction meaning no one wanted the property at the original auction. These only happen once a year. You can purchase the property at a drastically reduced rate, (bidding starts at only $400). I don't want to wait another year. So I have to get these things worked out as best as I can. And to top it off the heat is causing the ants to come into my house right now and I don't have the money to call a bug man out right now. I know none of this really your concern or exactly related, but I think the majority of people whose money was late today had something going on in their life that made them want their money today and are disappointed. I can't just let them charge me an overdraft because I can't afford to lose the money right now. So this is an extra step that I should not have to take the time to do.
Here is a suggestion Larry at Maritz:

Please advise in advance if or when there is a payment problem.

Meaning, just say something before the fact, not after.
I think it's quite possible that they didn't know until all the phone calls came in the morning of the 15Th. There are two companies that I do a substantial amount of work for and rely heavily upon, Maritz and The Source. It's good to have multiple sources of income especially in situations like this. I just can't wait until I have some passive income streams and get totally "ahead" of paychecks and the rat race. I hate the cycle of money coming in, to money going out on bills. As soon as money doesn't come in you are stuck worrying about how you are going to pay your bills! The cycle should be (Ann Wilson the wealth chef) money comes in and goes out to investments then we live off the money produced by investments. Someday I'm going to get this right and get out of this "paycheck to paycheck" lifecycle!
My Maritz DD was in the bank 8/16, just as expected.

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