Kinesis CEM Shopper Payments

Per their website:

SHOPPER PAYMENTS: Kinesis pays for shops through PayPal by the end of the month following the month of the shop. To add a PayPal address that is different from your Primary Address, please check instructions in the [Help] link at the top of this page.

Has anyone received their payments via Pay Pal for August 2019 shops yet?

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My Jun 28th shop was paid on July 31st. I am still waiting for payment for the two shops I did on August 28th. As y9u noted, technically, the payments are late. I use my primary email as my PayPal address, so that is not the issue.

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I haven't been paid for my one August shop either.

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I am glad to know I am not the only one. I haven't received my August payment either. I am sure whatever the issue is it will be resolved soon.
I still have not been paid either. I reached out to my scheduler, but no response. It’s unusual, because he normally responds within hours.
@Cathshops wrote:

I still have not been paid either. I reached out to my scheduler, but no response. It’s unusual, because he normally responds within hours.

In my area, Kinesis shops are exclusively scheduled by KSS. Is your scheduler a Kinesis employee or does the scheduler work for KSS? KSS really doesn't have anything to do with Kinesis payments.
I completed 15 bank shops for Kinesis in August. Paymert for all but one of these were deposited to my Paypal account today at 10:32 AM. It is unusual for Kenisis to be late in my experience. I had already emailed my scheduler about the missing payments one they were two days late. This morning I sent a follow up email telling my scheduler all but one was just received, and inquired about that payment.
If any shop is scheduled through KSS, KSS must be the initial contact for any shop issues, including payment from Kinesis for the KSS scheduled shop. My scheduled never responded to my initial email about my missing September payment for KSS scheduled August Kinesis shops. I received payment foir all but one today, and I so notified my scheduler again. We'll see if, when or what response I receive.
I just got back to the office from lunch and i see that I have a PayPal payment from Kinesis for shops done August 2nd.
Payment for my three August shops was just deposited. Happy to see payment but I wonder what the issue was. Also, still haven’t heard back from my scheduler... strange.

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