What's up with Kinesis?

Anyone know what's up with Kinesis? I have a number of shops which were set up with the usual KSS schedulers. But no one seems to be around.

Per the instructions, I need to wait for them to do something for most of the shops before I can take next steps, but no one is answering, either through direct email to the schedulers, or through the KSS Sassie Help interface. Haven't heard from anyone in three or four days. Now the shops are due, but I can't get what I need in order to do the shops so they will be late.

This is not normal for them. I wonder if everyone is okay. Anyone heard anything?

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Have you guys tried calling (513) 549-5771 or emailing Lorri Kern (KSSLorri@kernscheduling.com)?
Unusually, Lorri was the scheduler on some of them. (Normally it is someone else for some of the shops.) So I have already emailed her a few times, but got nothing back. Thanks for the suggestion though. At this point, I am assuming a couple of schedulers went on vacation at the same time and she probably has her hands full treading water. So I am waiting for them to catch up.
I had a similar experience with KSSRyan. I contacted KSSLorrie and she told me he is no longer there. I would recommend contacting her at KSSLorri@kernscheduling.com or by phone (513) 549-5771.
It has been Lorri scheduling some of these since Ryan left. I'm helping to train a new scheduler that will likely be taking over some, if not all, of what Ryan had for Kinesis. She will be ready to go any day now, and anyone that knows me knows that I have stressed to her the importance of communicating with shoppers in a timely fashion.
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