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@greenwhite11 wrote:

I have not been paid for my October shops yet ... has anybody else?
Did you do them in the second half of the month? If so, I don't think you get paid until Dec. 10-15ish.
@greenwhite11 wrote:

Oct. 10 and then another one at the end of the month.
Confero says payment for shops done in the first half of a month are issued "on or around" the 25th-30th of the next month. I guess that "on or around" is to give themselves wiggle room. Hopefully you get your money within the next few days. I did my first shop for them near the end of October (only one I've done so far for them) so I'll be waiting for a while yet.

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I got paid on Friday for my October shops (all completed in the first half of October).

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
My payment for my early October shop is SHOWING as "Paid 11/29/19" but has not yet shown up in my PP account. It no doubt will sometime early next week.
Not yet, but I noticed that my last pay from Confero showed up as "paid" on THEIR website on a Friday. But it did not show up in my PP account until the following Wednesday. So.....tomorrow is Wednesday, and if it isn't there by then, I will start with the emails.
Have any one have problems receiving payments for 12/19 it shows it was paid on 1/15/20 but I have not recieved payment or a response from confero.
I have only completed 33 shops for Confero over a 14 year period; all were paid as agreed, within an average of 43 days after report submission
Check their pay policy. It says if shops were completed between the 1st and 15th, payment will be made the following month between the 25th and 30th. Shops done between the 16th and 30th will be paid between the 5th and the 10th of the month FOLLOWING the month after the shops were done. So the 2 shops I did in Dec between the 1st and 15th should be paid sometime next week. The 2 shops I did the last half of Dec will be paid sometime between Feb 5th and 10th.
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