I had 3 highly bonused contactless payment shops scheduled for today. Today was the last day of the wave. Of course the app crashed, so I took the required pictures and completed the shop. Later, I go to input the shops and they are removed from my job board.

I emailed the scheduler. Does anyone know what happened?

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope

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This tee'd me off. I virtually self assigned and did the work. The scheduler has not responded to my emails.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I had this happen in the first quarter. I had a 15 shop route planned, and the closest was over an hour an a half away. I set up my app to not sync automatically, because I cannot stand to wait for it. So I accidentally scrolled up, after completing 8 of them on the app. And there were 0 shops in my inbox. OMG my heart dropped. At this point I am over 2 hrs away. The shops were overdue, but I pick up bundles of 80-100 shops at a time, so they always go into overdue status, but I keep in constant communication with my scheduler, so they will usually go overdue by only a day before the dates are extended. So I am sitting a a station, holding back tears, in a panic because my schedule didn't have much idle time that day, so I started by emailing my scheduler with URGENT in the subject line, and nothing after a half hour. So I came here and I was offered some emails. Then I went to the main page and found a pretty generic email, and this was also a Saturday, so I emailed them with URGENT also as the subject. Well someone from that email actually wrote me back. Well the scheduler for that client I was working for was no longer the scheduler for my area, but I was never notified, so for days I was updating her my dates to extend the shops and she wasn't even getting them. I was then given the new schedulers name, and even though it was a Saturday I did have people reaching out trying to help. They did add all the shops back in my inbox, but after doing these everyday at that time for weeks, I could not remember the employees names, and certain things about the locations. And since they were removed, all the data entered when I was on the shops, was deleted. So I had to eat the money in gas, the money I spent on the shops, the bonuses and everything and give them back. Ugh it still burns my a**, but was also a lesson learned. I still don't do auto-sync, because I can't stand to wait 4 it when I am on a location. But while I am in between shops, I sync them every other shop, just to make sure.

WHEW that was a lot of writing !!!

Hopefully you kept notes of your information, and they can just reassign them to you.

Good Luck! Reach out to everyone until you get a response, is my advice.
Thank you! The scheduler is radio silent. I'm going to have to find a contact at the top to see if I can at least get reimbursed.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Notice none of the ipsos/gfk people are responding anymore and they aren't paying either? I did a bunch of shops and didn't get paid and nobody will respond. The surveys they do are scams too. On all of the survey sites, they are the only ones that don't pay and they are rated only 1 star on Trust Pilot. That should tell you the story.
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